Ultimate Detangling Brush Reduce Hair Loss

Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush

Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Hair Brush is a revolutionary detangling hair brush that reduces hair loss and breakage. It is perfect for all hair styles. Remove snarls easily without removing hair! This paddle brush gently detangles fine, normal and thick hair, leaving strands intact and in place.

Why You Should Look Into Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush As Seen On TV Infomercial Product? Watch the new detangling brush infomercial below.

  • Gently detangles hair in seconds
  • Smooth and pain-free
  • Reduced pressure & fewer strokes needed
  • Reduce hair loss
  • 428 different contact points
  • 3 styles to match all hair types

International hair designer Michel Mercier presents the revolutionary Ultimate Detangling Brush designed to gently detangle your hair in just seconds! It is unlike ordinary hair brushes because with only a few contact points, Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points simultaneously, reducing pressure and detangling your hair with less strokes. The perfectly placed bristles easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary hair styling brush! Imagine no more tangled hair.

Losing hair can be very upsetting. Hair loss can happen because of stress and also from using the wrong kind of styling products. This brush is sure to help to reduce hair loss.

With the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer you can get two different types, get a normal green brush for yourself and then get a blue thick brush for a family member, you don’t have to get two of the same kind if you don’t want.

When you brush your hair with an ordinary brush look at all the hair on the brush after you are done. With the ultimate detangling brush much less hair will come off.

When tested against ordinary brushes, the Ultimate Detangling Brush shows almost no resistance. Smooth, painless detangling. Reduced hair loss and breakage quickly and easily. One brush to get rid of your tangles! Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush is available in three different styles to match all hair types. Three brush styles for one result. Get pink for fine hair, green for normal hair and blue for thick hair.




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