Amish Dutch Glow 100 Year Old Wood Milk

Amish Dutch Glow Wood Polish and Cleaner

Dutch Glow  is a great Amish wood milk that is a 100 year old formula! With Dutch Glow you are certain  to see amazing results immediately!

Did you know this furniture wood polish even removes that ugly water rings. Water rings can be an eye sore. They can make a beautiful piece of furniture look not so beautiful. Dutch Glow can also remove years of wax buildup and more! Removing all that wax buildup can help your furniture to bring back that new luster.

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This As Seen On TV products brings furniture back to life. Give your wood products a beauty lift. Great fro removing dirt from painted baseboards.Get those scuff marks up  from your wood floors. Cleans and polishes your wood floors at that same time. Removes water rings, water marks and even some heat rings.

So with this fabulous cleaner reveal your wood’s furniture natural beauty. Remove wax buildup fast, even years of wax buildup. The polish works on just about any wood surfaces even painted. Not only does this polish clean well it also helps to nourish your wood products.

This one hundred year old woodworkers formula also helps to repel dust. So you guessed it, this means less dusting.

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