Wipe New Kit Restore and Protect Vehicle

Wipe New

Wipe New restores and protects your vehicle and has been used by professionals. Wipe the years away from your car. Apply this auto restorer once and it lasts for many years.

With this special online offer you should have enough to do two cars. A little goes a long way. You just apply Wipe New with a single wipe across the surface of your vehicle with very little overlap.

Each Wipe New Pro Detailing Kit comes with yellow microfiber applicator cloths, a red microfiber cloth, one headlight prep pad, protective gloves and a sponge swab applicator. Wipe New is the worlds longest lasting solution for restoring and protecting your vehicle for years. See your car shine again.

Wipe New Commercial

Wipe New is said to last for up to two years on most surfaces. Wipe New can be used on your vinyl and leather car seats, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, rims, headlights, wipers and vehicles outer surface.

Make your vehicle look showroom new again with Wipe New.



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