Easy View High Definition Visor Blocks Glare

Easy View XT Car Visor

The Easy View XT Visor attaches to your cars visor and helps to block glare. Don’t let the sun or other people’s headlights impair your view when driving. You can block the suns glare and other dangerous glare with just a flip.

Watch the Easy View XT TV Commercial

This flip down visor is perfect for early in the morning, late in the afternoon and even for night time driving. Having good vision is so important when driving. If your vision is impaired when driving the results could be very dangerous. Feel safer when you drive with Easy View XT because it effectively reduces different types of glare.

What are the features and benefits?

It is made from clear polycarbonate that is specially tinted to diffuse sunlight and glare. Fits on any size car visor. Flips up for easy storage. Safely and effectively reduces all types of glare you may encounter. You should notice a big difference when using this anti-glare visor.

Stop Blinding Sun and Dangerous Glare

Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate visor attachment that is specially tinted to block sunlight and glare. It also effectively and safely reduces headlight glare. Have a much better driving experience.

It is super easy to add this visor to your existing car’s visor. You just simply slide it on with the plastic clips. Now enjoy the confidence and comfort any time of the day when driving. Slide onto your existing car visor.



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Clever Grip Smart Phone Car Clip

Clever Grip Cell Phone Car Vent Clip Holder

As Seen On TV Amazing Clever Grip – The New Cell Phone Clip With The Super Extra Strong Grip!

Quit fumbling with your cell phone while in the car and get the Clever Grip. The completely pivoting head easily enables you to more safely use your cellular phone’s GPS, stream music, as well as talk without needing to take your eyes off the roadway. Clever Grip is completely modifiable to fit just about all phone sizes, and also fits onto any kind of air vent for an extremely strong grip.

Watch the Clever Grip TV Commercial!

Clever Grip also comes in handy using as a stand for you phone. Bring it with you into your office and then back to the car and pop it into a car vent.

The smart phone clip with the extra strong grip has a unique clamp that is spring-loaded. The clamp assists in holding things tight. No more looking away from the road or fumbling for your phone.

Clever Grip is fully adjustable to fit just about all phone types, and also fits onto any style air vent for a super strong grip.

Buy Clever Grip

Order Clever Grip

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Wipe New Kit Restore and Protect Vehicle

Wipe New

Wipe New restores and protects your vehicle and has been used by professionals. Wipe the years away from your car. Apply this auto restorer once and it lasts for many years.

With this special online offer you should have enough to do two cars. A little goes a long way. You just apply Wipe New with a single wipe across the surface of your vehicle with very little overlap.

Each Wipe New Pro Detailing Kit comes with yellow microfiber applicator cloths, a red microfiber cloth, one headlight prep pad, protective gloves and a sponge swab applicator. Wipe New is the worlds longest lasting solution for restoring and protecting your vehicle for years. See your car shine again.

Wipe New Commercial

Wipe New is said to last for up to two years on most surfaces. Wipe New can be used on your vinyl and leather car seats, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, rims, headlights, wipers and vehicles outer surface.

Make your vehicle look showroom new again with Wipe New.


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The Schticky Reusable Lint Rollers Vince Offer

The Schticky Lint Rollers and Vince Offer

With The Schticky you can clean your home in a jiffy. It is more than just a lint roller. The pitchman known as the sham wow and slap chop guy is now promoting The Schticky. It is a lint roller. You get three in all with your order.

Vince Offer is back again with the all new incredible Schticky. It is an amazing reusable sticky lint roller that lets you quickly clean your home, furniture, curtains, floors  and your clothes over and over again.

They are more than just a lint roller. The big roller is great for doing floors, ceilings, stairs, in the car, windows and other areas. Great for picking up dust, dirt, pet hair, dander, food and other particles. Use it in your car. Then you can easily clean your schticky with just water and it’s ready to use again.

The sticky lint roller As Seen On TV!

Slippery when wet and sticky when dry. Great on all fabrics, works on wool to silk. Works like a vacuum and broom. Great for cobwebs, curtains and other hard to reach places.

ORDER THE SCHTICKY LINT ROLLER  – The Schticky, The Little Schticky and as an added bonus The Big Schticky for FREE!

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Fast Brite Headlight Cleaner Showroom Shine

Fast Brite Only $10

With cleaner headlights you should see much better a night.

Use fast brite instead of replacing your head lights which can be very costly. Think how much money you will save using fast brite.

Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and watch them return to their showroom shine in just seconds! Drive safer at night with clearer head lights. Have a much better view with shiner lights coming through.

• Quick, Easy & Convenient to Apply!
• Save Time and Money!
• Makes Driving at Night Safer!
• End Your Embarrassment!

Makes for a great gift idea!


(click for pricing) Buy 1 Fast Brite Lens Kit and Get 1 Free

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Windshield Wonder As Seen On TV

Windshield Wonder makes cleaning your cars windshield a whole lot easier.

Windshield Wonder – The way reach microfiber window cleaner.

The windshield wonder cleans more than just windshields. Great for all types of windows and great for dusting too!

Clean windshields without straining or stretching.

The Windshield Wonder makes cleaning my car so much easier.

You wouldn’t believe how well the windshield wonder works! It’s perfect for the indoors too. And when you get one today we will throw another one on us.

Windshield Wonder – The way reach microfiber window cleaner.
Clean windshields without straining or stretching The Windshield Wonder makes cleaning my car so much easier. You wouldn’t believe how well it works! It’s perfect for the indoors too. And when you get one today we will throw another one on us.


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