5 Fruit Salad Tree – Grow Your Own 5 Fruit Tree

Fruit Salad Tree

Grow Five Fruits On Just One Tree

Do you love eating fresh fruit? Of course you do! But I bet you hate paying the high grocery bill for it. This incredible Fruit Salad Tree grows five fruits on one tree! The tree is shipped right from the nursery ready to pant with established roots. Grow your own organic fruits including, red plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots and purple plums.

Pick your own fresh organic fruit right from the tree. You will be able to make delicious pies, jams, cobblers, juice and many other desserts.

Yield bushels and bushels of fresh delicious fruits! Be the envy of your neighborhood!




  • Ingredient Spotlight: Stone Fruits (williams-sonoma.com)

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Grab Bag | Shopping Cart Bags | Clip On Reusable Bag

Grab Bag Shopping Bags

Grab Bag is the recyclable shopping bag that clips to your grocery store cart while you do your shopping.

Merely clip the bag to your cart, then fill it up with groceries. Simply raise it up out of the cart and then put the bags in your trunk. It keeps things protect while driving home, so your things will not spill in your car trunk. Grab Bags are so flexible, you could also take them to many places. Grab Bags easily widen as you put stuff in them and they hold more than those typical plastic bags. Grab Bags are constructed from eco-friendly planet pleasant product. This reusable bag is the multiple-use purchasing bag that clips to your grocery store cart while browsing through stores.

Presenting the Grab Bag, the multiple-use shopping bag that opens up to the size of your store cart, and also stays open! The Grab Bags hold numerous times the items than a normal plastic or paper bag! They will not tip or roll, spilling your things around in the trunk of your automobile.

Great Features of the Grab Bags

Each clip on green shopping bag can hold as much as 40 pounds!
Perfect for store clubs as well as various other shops that do not provide bags
Made from eco-friendly product
Easy to tidy – simply rub with a wet towel!
Folds up flat to slide quickly right into a glove box or the side of a seat
Roomy front pocket has lots of space for pocketbooks, cellular phone or note paper
Mold and mildew resistant

There is also an black insulated version of this bag. It is perfect for storing hot and cold items.



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Beactive Pressure Point Leg Brace | Relief for Back Pain

Beactive As Seen On TV Leg Brace

Beactive is the point targeted pressure brace for fast beneficial lower back pain relief like sciatic nerve pain.
How the Beactive Leg Brace Works!

What makes the BeActive work so well?

The brace itself does not supply the relief. When you apply the brace, it is most important to align the brace to get the cushion on the “correct” spot.

For how long should you wear the BeActive??

As long as you want pain remedy. The brace is not a cure. You need to be applying the pressure to the correct point on the outer muscle of the calf to get relief you are looking for. Do not wear for more than 2 hours, to get used to it, then wear as long as you feel relaxed.

Watch the Beactive Commercial!

What is the BeActive comprised of?

80% Neoprene and 20% Polyester. If you are allergic to neoprene, do not wear this and discontinue use.

The pressure pad in the brace applies pressure to the specific targeted point that provides back pain alleviation that helps to reduce lower back pain, like sciatica. The leg brace works on either left or right leg.

A fairly new and unique alternative to help with lower back pain is the Beactive Brace which fits easily right below the knee. It helps stop back pain instantly by applying point specific pressure. It has been  developed by a Physical Therapist and is now available online for purchase.

What size leg fits the brace?

12.5 inches to 18 inches. The Velcro sticks to the neoprene well past the velcro base. It is worn right below the knee. The “R” on top for the right leg, the L on top on the Left leg.

The brace itself does not offer the relief. When you apply the brace, it is most important to adjust the brace to get the cushion on the “correct” spot.

The unique pressure soft comfortable pad inside the brace puts pressure that is targeted to the specific place that provides lower back pain relief that should greatly reduces back pain. The leg brace works on either leg, right or left.

So to recap the Beactive Brace is comfortably and can be easily worn on the lower leg just below the knee. It applies a mild pressure around the calf muscle which in turn should relieve stress and tension on the sciatic nerve. You should find that it delivers effective and fast low back pain relief. It can be can be worn all day ,at work, at the gym and even when asleep.

Buy the Beactive Leg Brace

Order the Beactive Pressure Brace



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Shamwow | Vince Offer Absorbent Cloths

Shamwow Reusable Cloths

ShamWow is the impressive cleaning towel sensation that’s sweeping the United States! ShamWow cleanses, dries and also brightens every area you can possibly imagine. ShamWow imitates a shammy, towel and sponge all in onel

Shamwow Towel

ShamWow and Vince Offer!

Easily gets rid of pet, soda pop as well as a bottle of wine stains
Doesn’t trickle, does not make a mess
Washes, dries out, and also polishes any sort of area
Won’t scratch any sort of surface
Device bleachable and also washable
Lasts 10 years

With ShamWOW you will conserve cash on sponges, combing pads, paper towels and so considerably a lot more! The ShamWow cloth towel saturates up to 20 times its weight in liquids, does not trickle when you’re taking it to the wash sink, and also when it dries, it stays super soft and absorbent.

German engineering developed the revolutionary ShamWow material. ShamWow will never ever damage surfaces. ShamWows are excellent for every cleaning task.

Buy Shamwow

Buy Shamwow and Start Saving Money!

Get a Set Free, Plus a Free Mop!

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New Pocket Hose Ultra 3X Stronger

Pocket Hose Ultra


The Pocket Hose is the amazing compact hose that fits in your pocket. It will not kink or tangle and expands when water passes through it.

The ingenious accordion design expands to a full 25 feet, just like other ordinary garden hoses. Then it shrinks back down when water stops running through it. It is super lightweight and you can store it just about anywhere.

Your outdoor chores can get done faster and easier. Use the garden hose to maintain the watering of your garden and yard. Also great for washing off your decks and of course washing your car.

Do you need a longer hose? No problem you can easily connect a 2nd Pocket Hose. You just simply attach one to the faucet, and then attach the second hose to the first that’s it. It is important that when you want to turn on the water, make sure both hoses valves are switched on as well.

Try the Pocket Hose and you will never want to go back to the traditional hoses that heavy, bulky and tend to kink up.

Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable hose that starts small enough to fit in your packet, and grows to a full size hose. The lifetime-guaranteed, durable hose is 3x stronger and never kinks, twists, or tangles. Stop taking up room with large, heavy garden hoses.

Buy Pocket Hose Ultra

Buy 1 Pocket Hose Today and Get a 2nd One Free!



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Amish Dutch Glow 100 Year Old Wood Milk

Amish Dutch Glow Wood Polish and Cleaner

Dutch Glow  is a great Amish wood milk that is a 100 year old formula! With Dutch Glow you are certain  to see amazing results immediately!

Did you know this furniture wood polish even removes that ugly water rings. Water rings can be an eye sore. They can make a beautiful piece of furniture look not so beautiful. Dutch Glow can also remove years of wax buildup and more! Removing all that wax buildup can help your furniture to bring back that new luster.

Watch the Amish Glow Commercial

This As Seen On TV products brings furniture back to life. Give your wood products a beauty lift. Great fro removing dirt from painted baseboards.Get those scuff marks up  from your wood floors. Cleans and polishes your wood floors at that same time. Removes water rings, water marks and even some heat rings.

So with this fabulous cleaner reveal your wood’s furniture natural beauty. Remove wax buildup fast, even years of wax buildup. The polish works on just about any wood surfaces even painted. Not only does this polish clean well it also helps to nourish your wood products.

This one hundred year old woodworkers formula also helps to repel dust. So you guessed it, this means less dusting.

Buy Dutch Glow

Order Dutch Glow Now


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Mattress Wedge, Pillow Cases & Storage Pockets

Mattress Wedge Double Offer

With Mattress Wedge you should get a better nights sleep. It comes with a pillow case cover and has two side pockets to store your important things. Have your cell phone handy, a book, small flashlight or what ever you choose.

Mattress Wedge

Watch the Mattress Wedge TV Commercial

I bet you are tired of losing sleep. Many reasons can cause you to lose sleep. One would be if your pillow falls between the crack of your bed and headboard. Well the Mattress Wedge can help with this problem. It helps from preventing items falling down the crack. So stop losing sleep and close the gap with this awesome foam pillow wedge.

Mattress Pillow Wedge fills in that annoying open space between your headboard and mattress! Stop items from sliding down and disappearing into the gap with this unique foam wedge. It is sturdy and the lightweight design keeps your pillow comfortably under your head and not under your bed! It also has handy side pockets for easy-to-reach storage.


You’ ll Get 2 Mattress Wedges, 2 Pillow Cases + 4 Storage Pockets

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Flex Shot Thicker Liquid Rubber by the Makers of Flex Seal

Flex Shot The Amazing Thicker Liquid Rubber Caulk

Flex Shot As Seen On TV


It can stop water leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Can use when crafting and can seal outdoor products like flower pots. Fix a plumbing problem without calling a plumber. Save a ton of money by fixing leaks yourself.

The makers of Flex Seal Swift Response LLC bring you the all new Flex Shot. It is  the revolutionary super thick rubber sealant that caulks, seals and bonds virtually everything.

Flex Shot is very easy to use and it gives you a perfect bead every time you use it. Because it is so thick, you can fill even huge holes and cracks which can stop the toughest leaks instantly!

Watch Flex Shot TV Commercial

Forget about those bulky caulking guns you will not need them. Flex Shot is the neat and clean way to make repairs with pinpoint accuracy. It comes out nice and thick, clings to just about any surface. It turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible!

Unlike ordinary caulks that tend to dry out, shrink and crack, Flex Shot will  expand and contract making everything completely waterproof. The free extension tube you will receive with your order makes even those hard-to-reach repairs perfect every time! For all your DIY projects, get Flex Shot™ in every color, white, clear, black and almond!

Imagine everything you can do with the power of thicker Flex Shot™!

• Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time!

• Roofs & Gutters

• Autos & Boats

• RV’s & Campers

• PVC Pipes & Duct Work

• Expands And Contracts!

• No Waste – Use It Again And Again!

• So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It!

• Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes!

• Great For Crafts And Decorative Items!

• Kitchens & Baths

• Sinks & Showers

• Tubs & Tiles

• Windows & Skylights

• Crafts & Decorative Items


Double Offer! Order two cans of Flex Shot™ in White, Clear, Almond or Black and get two extension tubes

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New Bowflex Max Trainer – Interval Cardio Workout

Bowflex Max Trainer

Max Trainer 14 Minute Workout

Get the most effective full-body workout in 14 minutes on the Bowflex Max Trainer. The Max Trainer’s interval workout is revolutionary because the periods of “low” activity comprise about 75% of the 14-minute workout!

It’s simply a faster and smarter way to workout.  A great interval cardio workout. So what are Intervals? They are nothing more than periods of “high” activity followed by periods of “low” activity. The new way to exercise. Professional athletes have been using intervals to increase their stamina for awhile now. They work on beating their best times and run longer and further for years. You don’t need to be a top athlete to see and feel the benefits of interval training.

Bowflex Max Trainer Commercial

The end result of interval training is a strong, lean body. That is why most of us workout in the first place.

So what are some of the Top reasons to interval train?

Get benefits of a longer workout in shorter time

Helps to improve stamina and endurance

A great workout for the heart and lungs

Continue to burn calories even hours after your workout

Elite level training for everyone




Exercise Steppers

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Fresh Sticks – Fragrant Sticks that Last Up to Two Years

Fresh Sticks Remove Odors

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are perfect for helping to remove odors in your home caused by pets, cooking, smokers and more. Remove odors for good with Fresh Sticks.

Fresh Sticks removes unwanted odors and can fill your home with a soothing, light fragrance. The amazing Golden Vanilla, Cool Linen and now new Apple Cinnamon scents are a must for anywhere in the house. They’re made of plant-based materials that can last up to two full years. So stop wasting money on chemicals, candles, oils or expensive air fresheners!

What scent would you like to smell in your kitchen. You can choose from cool linen stick, golden vanilla sticks or apple cinnamon sticks. I would choose either the golden vanilla or the apple cinnamon sticks. For the bedroom I would go with cool linen.

With these unique scented sticks every room in your home can smell much better. Buying  other air fresheners, essential oil diffusers, deodorizers, scented air fresheners, oil refills and automatic fresheners can be very costly. Most of these will lose their scent after a short time. Not with Fresh Sticks. The pleasant scent of these sticks can last up two years.

So stop wasting money and time shopping for scented oils, candles, and air fresheners that just mask bad odors for a short period of time. Forever Fragrant® Fresh Sticks™ can eliminate bad smells caused by smoking, pets, cooking, musty rooms and more.

Did you know each stick acts like an odor absorbing sponge? The stick absorbs bad smells and neutralizes most of them for up to 2 years. And remember they give off a light soothing fragrance that makes any room smell great. You can order your own set of the unique Fresh Sticks with a vase and start having your home smelling nice.




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Clever Grip Smart Phone Car Clip

Clever Grip Cell Phone Car Vent Clip Holder

As Seen On TV Amazing Clever Grip – The New Cell Phone Clip With The Super Extra Strong Grip!

Quit fumbling with your cell phone while in the car and get the Clever Grip. The completely pivoting head easily enables you to more safely use your cellular phone’s GPS, stream music, as well as talk without needing to take your eyes off the roadway. Clever Grip is completely modifiable to fit just about all phone sizes, and also fits onto any kind of air vent for an extremely strong grip.

Watch the Clever Grip TV Commercial!

Clever Grip also comes in handy using as a stand for you phone. Bring it with you into your office and then back to the car and pop it into a car vent.

The smart phone clip with the extra strong grip has a unique clamp that is spring-loaded. The clamp assists in holding things tight. No more looking away from the road or fumbling for your phone.

Clever Grip is fully adjustable to fit just about all phone types, and also fits onto any style air vent for a super strong grip.

Buy Clever Grip

Order Clever Grip

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Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop Cooking Solution

Nuwave Induction Portable Cooktop


The Nuwave Induction Portable Cooktop is the all-in-one cooking solution. Cook at the precise temperature.

Complete Energy-Saving Cooking Solution with Precise Temperature Control

Induction cooking technology is one of the most efficient methods of meal preparation. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop generates heat in the cookware and not on the cook top surface, making it more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric ranges.

Nuwave PIC Commercial

Cooking on an induction cooktop is the way to cook faster and have more control of your temperature. Plus with it’s innovative features once you remove the pan the temp shuts down.

How does induction cooking work?

The NuWave PIC is comprised of a series of induction coils (they are based on magnetic principles). These coils generate magnetic fields that produce a warming reaction in steel and iron based pots and pans. In this way, heat is generated in the cookware and not on the cooktop surface, which is much more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric ranges.

The Nuwave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop is a grill, a steamer, a slow cooker, a rice cooker and so much more. Versatility to boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, steam and sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt and grill.

its portability and compact size, the NuWave PIC offers a large cooking area, measuring 9 inches in diameter. In this case, bigger is better, with the PIC allowing for greater diversity in cooking vessels and portion sizes.


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Hot Buns Create Hair Buns Instantly

Hot Buns Hair Accessory


Easily create fabulous hair buns! As easy as 1, 2, 3 with Hot Buns!

The Hot Buns come in two sizes small and medium. This gives you the option to create many different hair styles. Have a new look every time you entertain or go out for the night on the town.

Buy two Hot Buns hair accessories and get two for FREE!
Choose from a choose dark or light color!

Here a re some quick instructions for using Hot Buns:
Just roll…
and wrap!

Have fun easily creating fabulous hair buns and updos!
From the red carpet to a day in the office hair buns are back and here to stay. When you remove Hot Buns you will have perfect curls and bouncy waves. You will flip over hot buns.

Don’t spend a fortune to get your hair done at salon. Do it yourself at home with this awesome hair accessory. Updos and hair buns can be so easy to do with this hair styling tool. And when your friends all show up with their expensive cookie cutter hairdos from the salon with and less money in their pockets, you can smile with the knowledge that you not only have a unique updo but that you also have more money to spend. Of cousre share your secret with your friends so they too can create their own special hairdos.

If you want to look your best on your wedding day or a formal work party, your hair is more than likely your top priority. Most women feel updos give them that elegant sophisticated look. Now with hot buns you can create your own hair buns and updos by yourself.



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Tag Away Skin Tag Remover – Remove Skin Tag Growths

Tag Away As Seen On TV Skin Tag Remover Kit

tag away as seen on tv

Tag Away topical solution removes skin tags the all natural way. You can remove the unwanted skin tags from the comfort of your home with tag away. You just simply apply tag away on the skin tag and after 3 to 6 weeks it should dry up and fall off. It is that easy. No need to spend a trip and the expensive at a doctors office.  Eliminate those benign skin overgrowths without any type of pain. Be more comfy in your very own skin with those unpleasant tags removed.

Tag Away As Seen On TV Commercial

Skin tags can be heredity and can also appear if over weight. There are other unknown reasons for getting skin tags. People can actually have 50 to 100 skin tags. Who wants to go to a skin Doctor to remove these unsightly tags? Do it in the comfort of your own home with this topical solution. After a few weeks they the skin tags should just dry up and fall off.

Tag Away is a home topical solution for the removal skin tags. Watch skin tags dry out up and diminish after a couple of weeks of withing Tag Away. Tagaway Skin Tag Cleaner Kit is a homeopathic, topical treatment made from all natural plant extracts that assistance eliminate those safe skin overgrowths without any sort of pain. Be even more comfy in your own skin with those ugly tags eliminated.


This offer is not available in stores.

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Flex Seal Sealant Spray Stop Leaks Fast

As Seen On TV Flex Seal Sealer Spray

With flex seal spray you can seal out water fast and it will last for years. Stop those leaks before they cause havoc in the home. Water problem leaks can be a headache and cost you tons of money hiring a professional plumber or contractor.  Don’t let water leaks empty your wallet. Buy flex seal and plug and seal that crack yourself.

Stop leaks fast with flex seal. It stays flexible. It not only coats and seals, it protects. Flex seal is sure to become a top seller. Helps to seal steel piping and more.

Flex seal works in cold and hot weather and on many types of structures and products. Repair a broken vase, stop a leaky faucet and yes even repair a leaky boat as shown on the television ad. On the infomercial for flex seal they replaced part of the bottom of a boat with a screen. Then flex seal was sprayed on the screen to cover it and the boat stayed a float. Even more incredible the inside of the boat stayed dried.

Flex seal is excellent for:

Repairing roof leaks, plugging gutter leaks, use on RV’S, campers, mobile home roofs, skylights, vent pipes, flashings, hoses, PVC pipes, windowsills, A/C drip pans, transportable A/C units, duct work, chimneys, boats, bird baths, ponds, fountains, downspouts, flat roofs, metal roofs, foundations, gravel stops, asphalt shingles, overlapped seams, drip edges, rubberized and granulated roofs as well as a lot more! FlexSeal can also helps seal foundations and basements from water seepage and hydrostatic pressure and effective even when the surface is wet. Flex seal really can patch almost anything.


(click for pricing) Buy 1 Flex Seal Get 1 Free – Offer Not Available In Stores

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