Clever Grip Smart Phone Car Clip

Clever Grip Cell Phone Car Vent Clip Holder

As Seen On TV Amazing Clever Grip – The New Cell Phone Clip With The Super Extra Strong Grip!

Quit fumbling with your cell phone while in the car and get the Clever Grip. The completely pivoting head easily enables you to more safely use your cellular phone’s GPS, stream music, as well as talk without needing to take your eyes off the roadway. Clever Grip is completely modifiable to fit just about all phone sizes, and also fits onto any kind of air vent for an extremely strong grip.

Watch the Clever Grip TV Commercial!

Clever Grip also comes in handy using as a stand for you phone. Bring it with you into your office and then back to the car and pop it into a car vent.

The smart phone clip with the extra strong grip has a unique clamp that is spring-loaded. The clamp assists in holding things tight. No more looking away from the road or fumbling for your phone.

Clever Grip is fully adjustable to fit just about all phone types, and also fits onto any style air vent for a super strong grip.

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GripGo Hands Free Phone and GPS Car Mount

GripGo Universal Hands Free Mount

The GripGo Universal Hands-Free Mount permits you to keep your phone where you could look at it if you have to without taking your attention from the roadway. The ball and socket joint and turning arm offer the best adjustability to help so you have the appropriate seeing angles.


The GripGo sticky pad holds your phone securely, yet lets it go when you’re prepared to have it back without leaving any sort of deposit. Let your phone stick to Grip-Go, so you could adhere to driving!

GripGo Hands Free Phone Mount is effortless and places firmly and holds your phone or GPS gadget without leaving a sticky mess.

Driving and looking for your ringing phone could be harmful! GripGo hands-free mount enables you to quickly look at your phone for safe driving. It’s a life saver!

You could place it anywhere on the dashboard, and utilize it with simply about any sort of design phone! The Grip Go hands-free mount quickly grabs hold of your phone and it keeps hold, letting go quickly when you get rid of the phone.

Grip Go Features:
Never search for your phone while driving once more
Use with any sort of phone
Stick anywhere it’s hassle-free in your auto





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Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

Sticky Buddy Sticky Lint Roller Seen On TV

The Sticky Buddy is the last lint roller you will ever need.  It is reusable and never requires refills like other rollers. It is sticky and has rubber fingers to help reach deep down into your carpet.

Lint rollers are great for removing dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris from clothes, drapes, upholstery, linen and more.

With the sticky buddy you can quickly roll off lint from clothing and other surfaces with the very smooth, quiet rolling action of this unique sticky lint roller. The sticky adhesive grabs even tough to remove debris, pet hair and dust. The Lint roller is lightweight and like other lint rollers it is reusable.

After you use the sticky roller just rinse under water with mild soap and then roll dry and you are all set to start using again. Clean your whole house from top to bottom with the Sticky Buddy roller and The Jumbo Size Special Offer.

The Sticky Buddy is so hand and versatile you’ll find many uses for it throughout your house.



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