New Pocket Hose Ultra 3X Stronger

Pocket Hose Ultra


The Pocket Hose is the amazing compact hose that fits in your pocket. It will not kink or tangle and expands when water passes through it.

The ingenious accordion design expands to a full 25 feet, just like other ordinary garden hoses. Then it shrinks back down when water stops running through it. It is super lightweight and you can store it just about anywhere.

Your outdoor chores can get done faster and easier. Use the garden hose to maintain the watering of your garden and yard. Also great for washing off your decks and of course washing your car.

Do you need a longer hose? No problem you can easily connect a 2nd Pocket Hose. You just simply attach one to the faucet, and then attach the second hose to the first that’s it. It is important that when you want to turn on the water, make sure both hoses valves are switched on as well.

Try the Pocket Hose and you will never want to go back to the traditional hoses that heavy, bulky and tend to kink up.

Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable hose that starts small enough to fit in your packet, and grows to a full size hose. The lifetime-guaranteed, durable hose is 3x stronger and never kinks, twists, or tangles. Stop taking up room with large, heavy garden hoses.

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Awesome Auger Yard Tool Attaches to Any Drill

Awesome Auger As Seen On TV Yard Tool

The Awesome Auger takes the hard work out of yard work. Great for clay, dirt, even mixing concrete and removing rocks. Use when planting, cutting roots, digging holes and even mixing paint. You will wonder how you ever did without the Awesome Auger.

The Awesome Auger makes your yard work so easy. It does this because it is one of the most powerful yard tool available. The Awesome Auger attaches to any drill and all you do is pull the trigger dig that hole, add your bulb or seeds and watch it grow. The Awesome Auger is able to penetrate almost anything because of its patented steel spiral design with the laser sharp edge.

Awesome Auger Features:

You will be able to PLANT twice as much in half the time with The Awesome Auger!
DIG holes, plant trees, shrubs & bushes with ease
BLAST through hard rock or clay
CUT through THICK roots
POWER out rock & remove stubborn stumps
No bending, no backaches, no blisters
Attaches to ANY drill – just pull the trigger, plant and grow

The spiral design of The Awesome Auger with its laser sharp edge, gives you the muscle to blast through hard rock and clay, cut through the thickest roots, and easily power out rocks and those stubborn stumps!


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UltraSonic Animal Repeller Keep Pests Out

Ultra Sonic Solar Animal Repeller

With the bell & hell animal repeller you can keep pests and wild animals out of yard, garden, and trash.

The Bell and Howell Solar UltraSonic Repeller’s high frequency ultrasonic sound is very unpleasant to animals. It easily mounts to nearly any surface, but it does also come with its own individual mounting stake so you can post it practically everywhere.

When animals come in range, the built in infrared movement detector activates, equally in daylight and even at night time, emitting a effective, ultrasonic sound that sends pests scurrying for security. It operates from up to thirty foot distance. It is motion activated, weatherproof and solar powered.

Don’t you just loathe it when stray animals make a mess of your property? You do not want to hurt them, but nevertheless you don’t want them on your property. What you need to use is the Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller. It utilizes an ultrasonic sound to rid your garden, yard of unwanted pests such as rabbits, mice, deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and even stray cats.


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Easy Reach Plant Hanger Pulley System

Easy Reach

The easy reach pulley system for your plants as seen on tv. Control your hanging plant with ease directing it up and down.


Easy Reach Plant Pulley – Hanging plant goes up, plant comes down easily. This plant pulley system is great for watering plants and having your plant follow the sunlight.

rachettng pulley system locks tight

lower and raise with just a touch
holds plant securely

Easy Reach Plant Pulley is the ultimate plant pulley that makes maneuvering your hanging plants as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Easy Reach Plant Pulley lets you raise and lower plants with just a simple touch. Easy down, easy up. Keep plants healthy and great looking without the huge mess when watering.

Easy each is the ultimate plant pulley for your hanging plants, makes it a piece of cake to raise and lower them in a flash!  Easy Reach makes watering and maneuvering your plants simpler than ever before.

easy reach can hook almost anywhere in your home
also great for bird feeders and outdoor chimes
The ultimate pulley systems for your plants that extends up tp 31 inches.


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Indoor Banana Tree Plant Giant Bananas

Banana Giant Plant

It’s an indoor banana tree. Grow you own giant bananas. Think of all the delicious foods you can make with these fresh bananas. Banana shakes, banana splits, banana bread, pudding, fruit salads and so on…

Attention Gardner’s and fruit lovers

We all have been told how healthy bananas are for us. Now you can have an endless supply right in your home. Plus it will just be plain fun to watch your tree grow.

Grow dozens and dozens of plump bananas at home. The incredible banana tree. Create your own tropical paradise. These plump bananas grow to a 1/2 foot long and can weight up to 1lb.

They are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. Bananas are low in calories, have not fat, sodium or cholesterol. A great food to eat to help you to lose weight, by helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  They are also a good source of antioxidants that boosts your immune system.

Kids are going bananas over these banana plant trees!

Banana Plants

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