Shamwow | Vince Offer Absorbent Cloths

Shamwow Reusable Cloths

ShamWow is the impressive cleaning towel sensation that’s sweeping the United States! ShamWow cleanses, dries and also brightens every area you can possibly imagine. ShamWow imitates a shammy, towel and sponge all in onel

Shamwow Towel

ShamWow and Vince Offer!

Easily gets rid of pet, soda pop as well as a bottle of wine stains
Doesn’t trickle, does not make a mess
Washes, dries out, and also polishes any sort of area
Won’t scratch any sort of surface
Device bleachable and also washable
Lasts 10 years

With ShamWOW you will conserve cash on sponges, combing pads, paper towels and so considerably a lot more! The ShamWow cloth towel saturates up to 20 times its weight in liquids, does not trickle when you’re taking it to the wash sink, and also when it dries, it stays super soft and absorbent.

German engineering developed the revolutionary ShamWow material. ShamWow will never ever damage surfaces. ShamWows are excellent for every cleaning task.

Buy Shamwow

Buy Shamwow and Start Saving Money!

Get a Set Free, Plus a Free Mop!

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Amish Dutch Glow 100 Year Old Wood Milk

Amish Dutch Glow Wood Polish and Cleaner

Dutch Glow  is a great Amish wood milk that is a 100 year old formula! With Dutch Glow you are certain  to see amazing results immediately!

Did you know this furniture wood polish even removes that ugly water rings. Water rings can be an eye sore. They can make a beautiful piece of furniture look not so beautiful. Dutch Glow can also remove years of wax buildup and more! Removing all that wax buildup can help your furniture to bring back that new luster.

Watch the Amish Glow Commercial

This As Seen On TV products brings furniture back to life. Give your wood products a beauty lift. Great fro removing dirt from painted baseboards.Get those scuff marks up  from your wood floors. Cleans and polishes your wood floors at that same time. Removes water rings, water marks and even some heat rings.

So with this fabulous cleaner reveal your wood’s furniture natural beauty. Remove wax buildup fast, even years of wax buildup. The polish works on just about any wood surfaces even painted. Not only does this polish clean well it also helps to nourish your wood products.

This one hundred year old woodworkers formula also helps to repel dust. So you guessed it, this means less dusting.

Buy Dutch Glow

Order Dutch Glow Now


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Flex Shot Thicker Liquid Rubber by the Makers of Flex Seal

Flex Shot The Amazing Thicker Liquid Rubber Caulk

Flex Shot As Seen On TV


It can stop water leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Can use when crafting and can seal outdoor products like flower pots. Fix a plumbing problem without calling a plumber. Save a ton of money by fixing leaks yourself.

The makers of Flex Seal Swift Response LLC bring you the all new Flex Shot. It is  the revolutionary super thick rubber sealant that caulks, seals and bonds virtually everything.

Flex Shot is very easy to use and it gives you a perfect bead every time you use it. Because it is so thick, you can fill even huge holes and cracks which can stop the toughest leaks instantly!

Watch Flex Shot TV Commercial

Forget about those bulky caulking guns you will not need them. Flex Shot is the neat and clean way to make repairs with pinpoint accuracy. It comes out nice and thick, clings to just about any surface. It turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible!

Unlike ordinary caulks that tend to dry out, shrink and crack, Flex Shot will  expand and contract making everything completely waterproof. The free extension tube you will receive with your order makes even those hard-to-reach repairs perfect every time! For all your DIY projects, get Flex Shot™ in every color, white, clear, black and almond!

Imagine everything you can do with the power of thicker Flex Shot™!

• Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time!

• Roofs & Gutters

• Autos & Boats

• RV’s & Campers

• PVC Pipes & Duct Work

• Expands And Contracts!

• No Waste – Use It Again And Again!

• So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It!

• Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes!

• Great For Crafts And Decorative Items!

• Kitchens & Baths

• Sinks & Showers

• Tubs & Tiles

• Windows & Skylights

• Crafts & Decorative Items


Double Offer! Order two cans of Flex Shot™ in White, Clear, Almond or Black and get two extension tubes

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Fresh Sticks – Fragrant Sticks that Last Up to Two Years

Fresh Sticks Remove Odors

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are perfect for helping to remove odors in your home caused by pets, cooking, smokers and more. Remove odors for good with Fresh Sticks.

Fresh Sticks removes unwanted odors and can fill your home with a soothing, light fragrance. The amazing Golden Vanilla, Cool Linen and now new Apple Cinnamon scents are a must for anywhere in the house. They’re made of plant-based materials that can last up to two full years. So stop wasting money on chemicals, candles, oils or expensive air fresheners!

What scent would you like to smell in your kitchen. You can choose from cool linen stick, golden vanilla sticks or apple cinnamon sticks. I would choose either the golden vanilla or the apple cinnamon sticks. For the bedroom I would go with cool linen.

With these unique scented sticks every room in your home can smell much better. Buying  other air fresheners, essential oil diffusers, deodorizers, scented air fresheners, oil refills and automatic fresheners can be very costly. Most of these will lose their scent after a short time. Not with Fresh Sticks. The pleasant scent of these sticks can last up two years.

So stop wasting money and time shopping for scented oils, candles, and air fresheners that just mask bad odors for a short period of time. Forever Fragrant® Fresh Sticks™ can eliminate bad smells caused by smoking, pets, cooking, musty rooms and more.

Did you know each stick acts like an odor absorbing sponge? The stick absorbs bad smells and neutralizes most of them for up to 2 years. And remember they give off a light soothing fragrance that makes any room smell great. You can order your own set of the unique Fresh Sticks with a vase and start having your home smelling nice.




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Flex Seal Sealant Spray Stop Leaks Fast

As Seen On TV Flex Seal Sealer Spray

With flex seal spray you can seal out water fast and it will last for years. Stop those leaks before they cause havoc in the home. Water problem leaks can be a headache and cost you tons of money hiring a professional plumber or contractor.  Don’t let water leaks empty your wallet. Buy flex seal and plug and seal that crack yourself.

Stop leaks fast with flex seal. It stays flexible. It not only coats and seals, it protects. Flex seal is sure to become a top seller. Helps to seal steel piping and more.

Flex seal works in cold and hot weather and on many types of structures and products. Repair a broken vase, stop a leaky faucet and yes even repair a leaky boat as shown on the television ad. On the infomercial for flex seal they replaced part of the bottom of a boat with a screen. Then flex seal was sprayed on the screen to cover it and the boat stayed a float. Even more incredible the inside of the boat stayed dried.

Flex seal is excellent for:

Repairing roof leaks, plugging gutter leaks, use on RV’S, campers, mobile home roofs, skylights, vent pipes, flashings, hoses, PVC pipes, windowsills, A/C drip pans, transportable A/C units, duct work, chimneys, boats, bird baths, ponds, fountains, downspouts, flat roofs, metal roofs, foundations, gravel stops, asphalt shingles, overlapped seams, drip edges, rubberized and granulated roofs as well as a lot more! FlexSeal can also helps seal foundations and basements from water seepage and hydrostatic pressure and effective even when the surface is wet. Flex seal really can patch almost anything.


(click for pricing) Buy 1 Flex Seal Get 1 Free – Offer Not Available In Stores

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Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

Sticky Buddy Sticky Lint Roller Seen On TV

The Sticky Buddy is the last lint roller you will ever need.  It is reusable and never requires refills like other rollers. It is sticky and has rubber fingers to help reach deep down into your carpet.

Lint rollers are great for removing dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris from clothes, drapes, upholstery, linen and more.

With the sticky buddy you can quickly roll off lint from clothing and other surfaces with the very smooth, quiet rolling action of this unique sticky lint roller. The sticky adhesive grabs even tough to remove debris, pet hair and dust. The Lint roller is lightweight and like other lint rollers it is reusable.

After you use the sticky roller just rinse under water with mild soap and then roll dry and you are all set to start using again. Clean your whole house from top to bottom with the Sticky Buddy roller and The Jumbo Size Special Offer.

The Sticky Buddy is so hand and versatile you’ll find many uses for it throughout your house.



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Side Socket Swiveling Surge Protector

Side Socket Triple Your Socket Space – Get Six Outlets Instantly

The Side Socket is a swiveling surge protector. Now all your furniture can fit flush against the wall.

side socket as seen on tv

Clear up cords and go from a jumbled mess to an organized success. You can triple your socket space and clear up those cords in your home, garage and office with Side Socket. It’s the world’s only 90 degree swiveling surge protector that’s ideal for using behind hard to reach places.

The side socket comes in very handy because instead of just two outlets you get a total of 6 outlets. With the swivel action it helps to keep the cords organize and prevent them from getting tangled. Plus you can just about push your furniture closer to the wall. This is really a neat electrical gadget.

Swivel Outlets


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The Schticky Reusable Lint Rollers Vince Offer

The Schticky Lint Rollers and Vince Offer

With The Schticky you can clean your home in a jiffy. It is more than just a lint roller. The pitchman known as the sham wow and slap chop guy is now promoting The Schticky. It is a lint roller. You get three in all with your order.

Vince Offer is back again with the all new incredible Schticky. It is an amazing reusable sticky lint roller that lets you quickly clean your home, furniture, curtains, floors  and your clothes over and over again.

They are more than just a lint roller. The big roller is great for doing floors, ceilings, stairs, in the car, windows and other areas. Great for picking up dust, dirt, pet hair, dander, food and other particles. Use it in your car. Then you can easily clean your schticky with just water and it’s ready to use again.

The sticky lint roller As Seen On TV!

Slippery when wet and sticky when dry. Great on all fabrics, works on wool to silk. Works like a vacuum and broom. Great for cobwebs, curtains and other hard to reach places.

ORDER THE SCHTICKY LINT ROLLER  – The Schticky, The Little Schticky and as an added bonus The Big Schticky for FREE!

(click for pricing)

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Lint Lizard Remove Dryer Lint As Seen On TV

Lint Lizard As Seen On TV

The Lint Lizard helps your dryer to run more efficiently. The old-fashioned lint brushes can allow some lint to stay in the dryer and the lint gets everywhere. The Lint lizard cleans much deeper and sends the lint straight into your vacuum bag. It is also very useful for vacuuming between machines and under appliances in a jiffy.

Take it outdoors to vac your outside dryer vent. Don’t spend a small fortune on costly repairs that can be caused by lint build up. Lint build up can also be very hazardous and actually start fires. You pay a lot of money for your appliances. Keep your dryer running longer by maintaining it with this magic cleaning wand. Clean hard to reach places in an instant. This is another great invention from Telebrands.

The Lint Lizard can also help to speed up drying time but as much as fifteen minutes. The Lint Lizard attaches right to your vacuum hose at home. It has a special fan nozzle that is designed to clean vent screens. It is 40″ long so it can get deep into your dryer.


(click for pricing)

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Space Bags Storage Products Triple Offer

Space Bags Vacuum Sealed Storage

Space Bags are airtight, waterproof and are reusable vacuum sealed storage products. Organize your closets by vacuum sealing your clothes. Get triple your space.


The smart solution to cramped closets and a much better value and choose than plastic bins. Over 200 million Space Bags have been sold worldwide.

XL Space Bag Cubes

Large Space Bags

Medium Space Bags

The new high capacity cube bag is 25% higher capacity, easy top load packing and also compresses into a stackable cube.

Spacebags can protect against bugs, moths, dust, dander, dirt, mildew and odors. The revolutionary space bag vacuum sealed storage system is perfect for all your storage needs.

Space Bags are great for spring cleaning, storing clothes and other items. The vacuum sealed storage bags are also great for organizing a college and other moves. Are you going on vacation? Pack using spacebags and you will be able to take more with you.

The Space Bag storage bags are ideal for organizing and storing comforters, blankets, pillows, sweaters, jackets, seasonal clothing, drapes, stuffed animals and so much more…


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Magic Mesh – Magnetic Patio Door Screens

Magic Mesh Screen Door Cover

The magic mesh screen door cover keeps fresh air in and bugs outdoors. It’s magic, well not really it is the 18 magnets that makes this screen door special. Walk through it with your hands full and it will close behind you. It closes by the magnets.


The magic mesh screen door instantly opens and magically snaps close with 18 strategically placed magnets. Whether you have your hands full or a very forgetful family member you can still let fresh air in and keep those flying insects out.

The magnetic screen doors fits single standard doors and sliding doors. Also great for campers and rv’s. With this offer as seen on tv you get a second one free.

The magic mesh screen door cover is a smart screen that can work on patio doors, pet doors, french doors and other openings in your home. Keep the bugs out and the air flowing through. Reduce cooling costs just by leaving your doors open.

Buy Magic Mesh

Order Magic Mesh

Instant Screen Doors




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Ez Moves System Furniture Sliders

Ez Moves are As Seen On TV Moving Sliders

The ez moves system is an easy way for one person to move heavy furniture or other items on smooth surfaces. Just lift, place and slide. It’s that simple.

Rearrange your furniture or moving no longer needs to be a chore. The ez moves lifting device and sliders make dusting easier too. Get to those hard to reach areas with ease. Glide your furniture and heavy equipment across just about any smooth surface. The ezmoves are also great for adjusting and leveling appliances.

Move furniture the easy way, stop struggling. Ez moves really are so simple to use, that one person can move heavy objects all by themselves.

Watch EZ-Moves In Action!

The rubber tip protects your items and the design helps to save your back, making moving stuff safer.

You can lift 10x’s your strength
The moving system works on rugs and hardwood
EZMoves are not available in stores

You get 2 moving lifters and 16 moves slides for carpet and hardwood



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Sobakawa Air Bead Pillow

Sobakawa Pillow As Seen On TV

Sobakawa cloud pillow is filled with over 10 million air beads. You will feel like you are sleeping in clouds.

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow
Ordinary pillows are hard and flat like bricks. The is crescent-shaped to follow the contours of your neck and shoulders. As you move, 10 million air beads move with you and absorb your movement, maintaining both comfort and support. After sleeping on the you’ll awake rested and refreshed, every morning!

Get a great nights sleep with the sobakawa cloud pillow seen on tv. You will feel like your head is floating on clouds.

The all-new Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is an brilliant pillow over 300 years in the making. Based on traditional Asian buckwheat pillows, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillows filled with over 10 million air beads. It’s like sleeping on a virtual sea of clouds!

Unlike other pillows, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow™ can:
Provides comfort & firm support for your head & neck
No more fluffing & flipping like ordinary fiber & memory foam pillows. This is truly a stay cool pillow

Lasts sleep, after sleep, after sleep. Ordinary pillows are hard & flat like bricks. The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is crescent-shaped to follow the contours of your neck & shoulders. As you move, 10 million air beads move with you & absorb your movement, maintaining both comfort & support. After sleeping on the Sobakawa® Cloud Pillow you’ll awake rested & refreshed, every morning!

Don’t forget the special Sobakawa Cloud Pillow pillow cases! Specially designed to fit the Sobakawa Cloud Pillows unique crescent shape, these pillow cases breathe & continually adjust to the shape of the pillow, allowing the air to flow freely & keep your head cool. As a special bonus, you’ll receive one free pillow case with every Sobakawa® Cloud Pillow you buy!


(click for pricing)





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Heat Surge Portable Amish Fireplace Mantel

Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow Electric Fireplace

Lower your heating bills by using the heat surge electric portable fireplace. Precision handcrafted Amish electric fireplace.

Watch Amish Fireplace Infomercial on The Heat Surge

The roll n glow heat surge fireplace comes in dark oak, cherry, black and light oak. This fireplace will compliment any home decor. Try it in your home risk free for 30 days.
Heat Surge

Here are some great reasons why to purchase the heat surge for your home or office:

Bring heat to any room instantly
Mantle is a fine piece of Amish furniture hand-crafted in the USA
Inspected and approved by UL a benchmark in safety.
Patent Pending cool touch heat vent.
Standard setting uses only about 9¢ per hour
Did you know the heat surge uses about as much energy to run as some coffee makers. Yet it produces an amazing 4606 BTUs on the high setting. It silently forces hot air out into the room so you feel the bone soothing heat instantly.
The HEAT SURGE® “Fireless Flame®” technology gives you the peaceful flicker of a real fire but without any flames, so it is safe to the touch. There are also no fumes, smells, ashes or mess.

Lower Your Heating Bills and Order Heat Surge


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H20 Ultra Steam Mop

The H20 Ultra Mop is a steam mop, floor mop and hand held steamer all in one.

With the h20 ultra steam mop get really clean floors and disinfect them with the power of hot steam water. This is a new version of the original h20 steam mop. The ultra comes in red and works on some of the toughest jobs.

Just detach the steam generator from the H20 base and the unit becomes a powerful hand-held steamer. Cut through baked on oven mess, sanitize kid’s toys, blast away dirt in grout even steam clean blinds!

Attach the Carpet Glider and it converts into a carpet steamer!

Just detach the steam generator from the H20 base and the unit becomes a powerful hand-held steamer. Cut through baked on oven mess, sanitize kid’s toys, blast away dirt in grout even steam clean blinds!
Attach the Carpet Glider and it converts into a carpet steamer!

Use steam to super clean.

The H2O MOP ULTRA is designed to thoroughly clean floor surfaces, such as marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and parquet.

The H2O MOP ULTRA deodorizes sanitizes and increases cleaning power by converting water to steam. It also uses a microfibre floor cloth to enhance absorbency.

When contact is made with floor surfaces, dirt and grime can be eliminated in a matter of seconds.

(click for pricing)


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