Fresh Sticks – Fragrant Sticks that Last Up to Two Years

Fresh Sticks Remove Odors

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are perfect for helping to remove odors in your home caused by pets, cooking, smokers and more. Remove odors for good with Fresh Sticks.

Fresh Sticks removes unwanted odors and can fill your home with a soothing, light fragrance. The amazing Golden Vanilla, Cool Linen and now new Apple Cinnamon scents are a must for anywhere in the house. They’re made of plant-based materials that can last up to two full years. So stop wasting money on chemicals, candles, oils or expensive air fresheners!

What scent would you like to smell in your kitchen. You can choose from cool linen stick, golden vanilla sticks or apple cinnamon sticks. I would choose either the golden vanilla or the apple cinnamon sticks. For the bedroom I would go with cool linen.

With these unique scented sticks every room in your home can smell much better. Buying  other air fresheners, essential oil diffusers, deodorizers, scented air fresheners, oil refills and automatic fresheners can be very costly. Most of these will lose their scent after a short time. Not with Fresh Sticks. The pleasant scent of these sticks can last up two years.

So stop wasting money and time shopping for scented oils, candles, and air fresheners that just mask bad odors for a short period of time. Forever Fragrant® Fresh Sticks™ can eliminate bad smells caused by smoking, pets, cooking, musty rooms and more.

Did you know each stick acts like an odor absorbing sponge? The stick absorbs bad smells and neutralizes most of them for up to 2 years. And remember they give off a light soothing fragrance that makes any room smell great. You can order your own set of the unique Fresh Sticks with a vase and start having your home smelling nice.




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Aero Knife Special Offer Razor Sharp Chefs Knife

Aero Knife Light as Air and is Razor Sharp

Aero Knife

The Aero Knife is razor sharp and has a unique design that makes it light as air.

The Aero Knife is razor sharp, lightweight, and nonstick. It is the only knife you’ll ever need! It cuts through any food with ease!

Watch the Official Aero Knife Commercial

Chef Ming Tsai uses the Areo knife to cut though fruits, veggies, metas, fish cheese and more. It is lighter than just about any othe chef’s knife. Cut through food with ease. Because of the unique design food will not stick. It uses 60% less surface are and cuts cleaner. This chef’s knife is made of precision laser cut from forged stainless steel. Requires less strength and pressure.


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Great Kitchen Secrets Get Tips from Chef Tony

Great Kitchen Secrets Book As Seen On TV


Check out the Chef Tony’s Great Kitchen Secrets book and you can learn everything that some of the world’s best chefs and cooks already know! Learn some amazing cooking and food preparation tips to kitchen recipes, safety, cleaning, and organizational secrets. You will be sure to read about just about everything you need to know in the kitchen!

Over 5,000 helpful tips in this book. Get a free hardcover upgrade!

Here is just a taste of what you will learn in the Kitchen Secxrets book:

Clean up cooked-on food using a dryer sheet
Prevent freezer burn by using plastic wrap
Using a little vinegar helps to cut down on fat when frying

Do you know how to choose the best vegetables and fruits and also the best way to store them? Do you know some foods are better to store upside down and even cooked upside down? Benefit from the knowledge of top chefs like Chef Tony and thousands of grandmothers, and other foodies!

Watch Official Commercial on Chef Tony’s Greatest Kitchen Secrets



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Stonewave Microwave Bowls with Handles

StoneWave Cooker – Cook In Your Microwave

Stone Wave bowls allows you to make everything from eggs to baked desserts. No need for oils, butter, or fats because of the non-stick surface.  Prepare delicious, gourmet foods in your microwave that your whole family will love.

stonewave as seen on tv

You can cook like a pro in the microwave with the as seen on tv Stone Wave bowls. They are made from a ceramic material non-stick surface and have a cooling handle. Make all kinds of delicious food in the microwave in just minutes. Serve you food in these bowls too!

Watch The As Seen On TV Commercial for The Stone Wave

Think about how quick you can whip out scrambled eggs for breakfast. Make a scrumptious apple dessert. Stone Wave is a real time saver and clean up is a snap.

The new microwave cooker makes easy and delicious meals in just minutes.

Buy Stonewave Bowls Online


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Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop Cooking Solution

Nuwave Induction Portable Cooktop


The Nuwave Induction Portable Cooktop is the all-in-one cooking solution. Cook at the precise temperature.

Complete Energy-Saving Cooking Solution with Precise Temperature Control

Induction cooking technology is one of the most efficient methods of meal preparation. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop generates heat in the cookware and not on the cook top surface, making it more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric ranges.

Nuwave PIC Commercial

Cooking on an induction cooktop is the way to cook faster and have more control of your temperature. Plus with it’s innovative features once you remove the pan the temp shuts down.

How does induction cooking work?

The NuWave PIC is comprised of a series of induction coils (they are based on magnetic principles). These coils generate magnetic fields that produce a warming reaction in steel and iron based pots and pans. In this way, heat is generated in the cookware and not on the cooktop surface, which is much more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric ranges.

The Nuwave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop is a grill, a steamer, a slow cooker, a rice cooker and so much more. Versatility to boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, steam and sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt and grill.

its portability and compact size, the NuWave PIC offers a large cooking area, measuring 9 inches in diameter. In this case, bigger is better, with the PIC allowing for greater diversity in cooking vessels and portion sizes.


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Stufz | The Hamburger Stuffer and Hamburg Press

Stufz – As Seen on TV Hamburger Stuffer


With the Stufz Hamburger Press you can stuffed your burger with your favorite foods. Make your own pizza burger by adding pepperoni, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Think of all the foods you can stuff your burger with. Stuff it with bacon, cheese, onions, chili, garlic, spinach, mac and cheese. It is endless with what you can stuff your patty with. Your next barbeque won’t be the same. Let your company pick their own ingredients. Every time you have a burger it can be different from your last. Your food combos are really endless.

Be the amazing hamburger chef in your family. It is just so easy to do. Shape it, stuff it and seal it. Stufz makes a perfectly stuffed and neatly sealed patty every time!



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Super Wave Oven Cook 3X Faster

Super Wave Oven By Sharper Image

The super wave oven cooks food healthier and 3 times faster. you can broil, bake, barbecue, steam, roasts, grills, dehydrates and fries. Think of all the foods you can cook inside this infrared oven.

Super Wave Oven by The Sharper Image is the versatile cooker that combines halogen heat, convection and infrared technology. These types of cooking methods help to keeps foods moist on the inside and browned and crispy on the outside.

Super wave oven does it all in less time & so much healthier. This machine will help you to reinvent the way you cook. It use tri-cooking technology to cook your foods from the inside and out while sealing in the juices. Imagine the nice juicy chicken, turkey or roast you can make.

The super wave cooks up to 3 times faster than a traditional oven and uses up to 80% less energy! Wow! What great benefits! Bake, Barbeque, Roast and it even fry and all so much healthier.

The super wave oven can even cook frozen food straight from the freezer! No defrosting or preheating needed! hink of the time this alone saves. ry even healthier options like broiling, grilling and steaming.  This machine uses Halogen heat, convection outside without requiring the use of added fats or oils. Plus it’s self cleaning so clean up is a breeze.


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Nuwave Oven Infrared Cooking

The Nuwave Oven Pro Kitchen Appliance

The Nuwave Oven Pro broils, roasts, grills, bakes, toasts, barbecues, steams, fries and even dehydrates, all without fats and oils.
The Nuwave Oven will have you cooking at fast speeds. The patented NuWave Oven featuring their triple combo cooking power will give you the most affordable, easy, healthy, and delicious method of cooking.

The NuWave is different because it uses safe infrared technology to cook food faster and thoroughly without generating the high heat that triggers an unhealthy result. The NuWave Oven Pro requires no fats or oils for cooking poultry, meats, pork, and more, making it the ultimate all-purpose oven for anyone wanting to prepare healthy, delicious meals.

Get the nuwave oven today and enjoy healthy and delicious meals in just minutes.

Watch ” Does it Work on NBC?”  They discuss the Nuwave Oven.


(click for pricing)

Check Out These Free Items You Get:
Party Mixer and Twister Blender
Nuwave Carry Case
Nuwave Pizza Kit

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Xpress Redi Set Go Red Countertop Grill

Redi-Set-Go is the versatile handy indoor electric grill that lets you cook great meals fast!

xpress redi set go

Xpress Redi-Set-Go makes hundreds of scrumptious meals many in less than 7 minutes.

Non-stick surface means no extra fat.

No turning your food or slaving over a hot stove – perfect summer time counter top appliances.
Non-stick Surface means no extra fat from oils. Removable Pans make cleanup a breeze. Dual Cooking Technology heats food from the top and bottom to cut cooking time in half. Makes Hundreds of Delicious Meals many in 7 minutes or less. Save Energy and Dollars by cooking on your countertop and avoiding the conventional oven – see how. Comes Complete including over 60 great meal ideas, Cathy’s cooking tips and the accessories you need to make cooking a breeze. See the complete package for full details.

Redi-Set-Go is the versatile handy indoor electric grill that lets you cook great meals fast! Non-stick Surface means no extra fat from oilsRemovable Pans make cleanup a breeze.

Dual Cooking Technology heats food from the top and bottom to cut cooking time in half

Makes Hundreds of Delicious Meals many in 7 minutes or lessSave Energy and Dollars by cooking on your countertop and avoiding the conventional oven – see how

Comes Complete including over 60 great meal ideas, Cathy Mitchell’s cooking tips and the accessories you need to make cooking a breeze. See the complete package for full details.


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Magic Tap Spill Proof Automatic Drink Dispenser

Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Magic Tap automatic spill proof drink dispenser is so easy and fun to use. No more lifting heavy containers. Everyone in the house will like getting their own drinks even the younger crowd can get their own.  You can leave the drink bottle right in the refrigerator and fill your cup from inside. Your beverage pours out like magic.

Watch The Magic Tap Commercial

The Magic Tap makes pouring effortless. Huge bottles as well as jars can easily be massive as well as tough to deal with. Picking them up could be troublesome, messy, as well as distressing. The Magic Tap enables you to do away with the demand to lift huge containers. Allows children to help themselves. The trigger is very light to the touch. Universal cap should fit most bottles.

Think about how easy it will be to get your milk, juice or what ever drink you use the dispenser on. You can use hot or cold liquids and the Magic Tap is spill proof and also kid proof. Many Mom’s are so glad they got this product.

  • No more drips or spills
  • Kids can help themselves
  • Eliminates heavy lifting and pouring
  • Universal cap fits most containers
  • Battery operated so you can use anywhere

The Magic Tap makes pouring effortless. Huge bottles as well as jars can easily be massive as well as tough to deal with. Picking them up could be troublesome, messy, as well as distressing. The Magic Tap enables you to do away with the demand to lift huge containers. Allows children to help themselves without  having messy countertops. The trigger is very  sensitive to the touch. Universal cap should fit most bottles.

Magic Tap allows you to pour your favorite refreshments rapidly as well as quickly without making a mess! Magic Tap As Seen on TV is your spill proof solution!


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Perfect Tortilla Bowl As Seen On TV

Perfect Tortilla Bowls

With The Perfect Tortilla you can make crispy delicious restaurant taco bowls right in your home. These bowls make it very easy to make the perfect tortillas. The tortillas can be baked never fried for healthier eating.


With the Perfect Tortilla Set you get 4 perfect tortilla molds, 2 recipe guides and a free cut n cup.

The bowls have a unique cool looking design. You can create awesome salads, tacos, and ice cream desserts. The recipes you can create are endless. Everyone in the family can create their own dish inside the perfect tac bowl. Create dips, snacks, pizzas, breakfast tacos and so much more.

The taco bowls are also great for serving dips. You will be the hit of the party.

So easy to use, just place tortilla into the non-stick tortilla bowl, pop it in the oven, remember baked never fried and then in as little as 5 minutes, your perfect tortilla is golden and crispy.

This tortilla bowl offer is not available in stores! Get it here and start making crispy restaurant tacos at home.


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Perfect Meatloaf Air Bake Lift Pan

Perfect Meatloaf Pan As Seen On TV

Bring new life to your leftovers and create a tasty meatloaf.


Are you tired of putting all that work into making a meatloaf only to have it fall apart and it is full of grease. The Perfect Meatloaf Pan helps you to create the perfect meatloaf each and every time. Juicy, succulent, tasty meat loafs served up for dinner.

You can also use this pan to cook roasts and other foods. Be creative. More great features of the perfect meatloaf pan is that it air bakes the meat, it has a lift tray inside to help with air baking and lifting the meat up so it is not soaking in fat.

This is a great must have baking pan for your kitchen.

Perfect Meatloaf gives you a tender, juicy and the very best meatloaf every time! Just bake meatloaf, then lift and serve it is that easy! Non-stick pan that collects fat. Use to prepare any meatloaf recipe.



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Ronco Official Products – Ron Popeil Inventor

Ronco Products – Ron Popeil Inventor

Ronco products online store. Let’s go shopping at The Online Ronco Store. Perfect timing with the Holiday’s around the corner. Cook a ten pound turkey in two hours with one of the Ronco Showtime Rotisseries.

Ronco’s 25-Piece Six-Star Knife Set

These will be all the knives you’ll ever need in your home. They have been designed for the ultimate performance, quality and durability.  The six star knife set is sure to last a lifetime. Chop like a chef.

Showtime Standard Rotisserie and BBQ Oven
Creating Healthy Food has Never Been This Easy with The Showtime Rotisserie. This oven features a 3 hour automatic timer.

Showtime Compact Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

This is the original “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Ronco Showtime rotisserie Oven. The Compact Rotisserie is a delicious way for those people with limited counter space, or simply on a budget to create great tasting foods.

Showtime Professional Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

5 & 7 Tray Food Dehydrator and Beef Jerky Maker
Don’t waste food. Make great tasting snacks for your whole family easily with this food dehydrator. Make your own beef jerky.

GLH Formula System
The GLH Hair System can really give you great looking hair in a flash! Instantly thickens your fine or thin hair .

Pocket Fisherman
The pocket fisherman fits in your glove box and can attach to your belt. The great gift for a child and the serious fisherman. Spin Casting Outfit.

Electric Pasta Maker
Homemade Sausage and Fresh Pasta! Make your own fresh pasta to your own specifications. Once you make your own homemade pasta you will never want to go back to store bought pasta again.


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Salad Chef Slice and Spin Salad Maker

Salad Chef World’s Fastest Salad Maker

Salad Chef the world’s fastest salad making system.

Spin and Slicing Lids

Think of all the types of salads, soups, desserts and snacks you can make with the salad chef system.

Make chef salads, pasta salads, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, fruit salad and much more.

The salad chef as seen on tv product.

You can rinse , spin, slice, dice, cube, chop, shred, julienne and grate to make a fresh salad.  You can also prepare hundreds of meals, appetizers, soups, snacks, desserts and more.

The Salad Chef is the for sure  ultimate tool to cut, grate, dice, cube, chop or slice your favorite ingredients for your favorite green salad, fruit salad, potato salad or any other kind of salad you can imagine. Think about how impresses your guests will be. No more soggy wimp salads, just fresh greens.

What will you add to your salad? How about romaine lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else you feel like adding in. Add as many ingredients as you want because with the salad chef it is so quick and easy.

Think about how you can create a salad in lightning speed, as easy as 1, 2, 3. No putting together a salad is no longer a chore.

The salad chef can also be used as a high speed spinner, spin the food dry fast. It can go in the dishwasher, so clean up is a snap. Slicing and dicing food is no problem with the razor sharp never dull hardened stainless steel.

The salad chef does it all. After creating your awesome salad in the container snap on the cover and serve and store food.


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Eggies Best Way to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggies System for Boiling Eggs

Hard boiled eggs with out the fuss of peeling the shells.

eggies as seen on tv

Whether you like deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs the eggies system is for you. No more mess peeling shells. Just crack, pour, boil and twist. Another great feature of eggies is that you can add spices to the eggs before you start to boil. You can also add other ingredients like cheeses, milk, tabasco and meats. Think of the endless possible egg recipes you can create.

Perfect eggs every time.

Scramble the egg inside the eggie container add some cheese and a dash of tabasco, yum. Breakfast will never be the same.

Finally enjoy hard and soft boiled eggs without peeling a single shell.

This awesome tv offer egg cooking system is offered at an incredible low price! Check it out.


(click for pricing)

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