Richard Simmons Project Hope 90 Day Weight Loss Plan

Richard Simmons 90 Day Project Hope Food and Weight Loss Program


More American families struggle with the battle against obesity. People use food for the wrong reasons. There is hope for the future with Richard Simmons Project Hope!

Richard has helped many people over the years to lose weight. He has created a weight loss program to help all lose weight called Project Hope. He uses his humor, compassion and truth about losing weight.  He makes losing weight safe and fun.

Health, optimism, passion and energy is what HOPE stands for to Richard. This triple training method is a combination of cardio and toning sequence to super charge the workout!  This can help you burn up to 3X more fat than traditional cardio alone! The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. 3 progressive phases, each lasting one month, with 9 all-new Cardio, Toning and Challenge workouts designed to transform your body in just 90 Days!

He introduces the electronic foodmover guide. It takes both exercise and proper eating to lose weight safely.

So get in the best shape of your life working with America’s most beloved fitness expert.


Richard’s special brand of humor and motivational support will help to inspire you to push yourself, and get those amazing results! You get the power of weight loss right in the palm of your hand with the brand-new, electronic FOODMOVER and 90-Day Food Program.

Try out these very simple, non-intimidating routines, easy-to-follow workouts created for every fitness level, every body type, every weight and every age. Have fun with the routines and great music that will spike your energy and give you an all around make-over, heart, body, mind and soul!


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