Easy View High Definition Visor Blocks Glare

Easy View XT Car Visor

The Easy View XT Visor attaches to your cars visor and helps to block glare. Don’t let the sun or other people’s headlights impair your view when driving. You can block the suns glare and other dangerous glare with just a flip.

Watch the Easy View XT TV Commercial

This flip down visor is perfect for early in the morning, late in the afternoon and even for night time driving. Having good vision is so important when driving. If your vision is impaired when driving the results could be very dangerous. Feel safer when you drive with Easy View XT because it effectively reduces different types of glare.

What are the features and benefits?

It is made from clear polycarbonate that is specially tinted to diffuse sunlight and glare. Fits on any size car visor. Flips up for easy storage. Safely and effectively reduces all types of glare you may encounter. You should notice a big difference when using this anti-glare visor.

Stop Blinding Sun and Dangerous Glare

Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate visor attachment that is specially tinted to block sunlight and glare. It also effectively and safely reduces headlight glare. Have a much better driving experience.

It is super easy to add this visor to your existing car’s visor. You just simply slide it on with the plastic clips. Now enjoy the confidence and comfort any time of the day when driving. Slide onto your existing car visor.



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Best Tool for Filling Water Balloons | Color Burst Battle Balloon

Battle Balloon 120 Water Balloons

Get prepared and excited for the very most fun water balloon battles! Presenting Balloon Bonanza! You no longer need to worry about spilling water all over the place. Also stop worrying about the time consuming task of tying those balloons. No more hurt sore fingers. Battle Balloon with Color Burst allows you fill up 40 balloons at once in merely seconds! Just attach it to your outdoor garden hose, switch on the water and then watch in amazement as your balloons expand to the perfect dimension. Then watch as they fall off and are also tied. It really is pretty cool to watch!

When they’re full, they go down right into your bucket and also immediately close! These water So once they reach there perfect shape, poof they fall into your bucket already for water wars.

Stop the failings of balloons coming apart and the laborious amount of time it can take filling up and connecting countless balloons one by one. Balloon Bonanza takes all that that hassle away. Effortlessly as well as really fast be prepared for a water fight quickly and take pleasure in the fun sooner!

Kids and adults are sure to love Battle Balloon a bunch of balloons filled quickly with water and of course all tied!

Did you ever think that there would be a gadget that ties water balloons for you? I have always found tying water balloons to be a daunting task.

Water Balloons can be used for fun family activities. Throw them at each other to get cooled off quickly on a hots summer day. You can also play games with them. See which team can throw back and forth the most before they finally break.

Balloon Bonanza is the extraordinary easy to use tool that permits you to fill up forty water balloons all in one instance. Each balloon tool is composed of 40 little plastic type tubes with water balloons affixed to the end of every tube. All you’ll need to do to is to attach the water balloon gadget to any yard tube hose that works. Switch on the outdoor water and watch as they rapidly fill up.

So if you might be the person responsible of the filling the balloons wit water at the next outdoor event, no fears, Balloon Bonanza will save you. Individuals that don’t know about this outstanding water balloon gadget will believe you invested countless of hours getting the balloons ready for the water battle.

Buy Balloon Bonanza

Buy Battle Balloon Color Burst

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Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

Sticky Buddy Sticky Lint Roller Seen On TV

The Sticky Buddy is the last lint roller you will ever need.  It is reusable and never requires refills like other rollers. It is sticky and has rubber fingers to help reach deep down into your carpet.

Lint rollers are great for removing dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris from clothes, drapes, upholstery, linen and more.

With the sticky buddy you can quickly roll off lint from clothing and other surfaces with the very smooth, quiet rolling action of this unique sticky lint roller. The sticky adhesive grabs even tough to remove debris, pet hair and dust. The Lint roller is lightweight and like other lint rollers it is reusable.

After you use the sticky roller just rinse under water with mild soap and then roll dry and you are all set to start using again. Clean your whole house from top to bottom with the Sticky Buddy roller and The Jumbo Size Special Offer.

The Sticky Buddy is so hand and versatile you’ll find many uses for it throughout your house.



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Awesome Auger Yard Tool Attaches to Any Drill

Awesome Auger As Seen On TV Yard Tool

The Awesome Auger takes the hard work out of yard work. Great for clay, dirt, even mixing concrete and removing rocks. Use when planting, cutting roots, digging holes and even mixing paint. You will wonder how you ever did without the Awesome Auger.

The Awesome Auger makes your yard work so easy. It does this because it is one of the most powerful yard tool available. The Awesome Auger attaches to any drill and all you do is pull the trigger dig that hole, add your bulb or seeds and watch it grow. The Awesome Auger is able to penetrate almost anything because of its patented steel spiral design with the laser sharp edge.

Awesome Auger Features:

You will be able to PLANT twice as much in half the time with The Awesome Auger!
DIG holes, plant trees, shrubs & bushes with ease
BLAST through hard rock or clay
CUT through THICK roots
POWER out rock & remove stubborn stumps
No bending, no backaches, no blisters
Attaches to ANY drill – just pull the trigger, plant and grow

The spiral design of The Awesome Auger with its laser sharp edge, gives you the muscle to blast through hard rock and clay, cut through the thickest roots, and easily power out rocks and those stubborn stumps!


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Lint Lizard Remove Dryer Lint As Seen On TV

Lint Lizard As Seen On TV

The Lint Lizard helps your dryer to run more efficiently. The old-fashioned lint brushes can allow some lint to stay in the dryer and the lint gets everywhere. The Lint lizard cleans much deeper and sends the lint straight into your vacuum bag. It is also very useful for vacuuming between machines and under appliances in a jiffy.

Take it outdoors to vac your outside dryer vent. Don’t spend a small fortune on costly repairs that can be caused by lint build up. Lint build up can also be very hazardous and actually start fires. You pay a lot of money for your appliances. Keep your dryer running longer by maintaining it with this magic cleaning wand. Clean hard to reach places in an instant. This is another great invention from Telebrands.

The Lint Lizard can also help to speed up drying time but as much as fifteen minutes. The Lint Lizard attaches right to your vacuum hose at home. It has a special fan nozzle that is designed to clean vent screens. It is 40″ long so it can get deep into your dryer.


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Omni Dual Saw Rotating Saw Blades

The Omni Dual Saw Seen On The Tv Show Pitchmen

Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan featured the omni dual saw on the first season of The Discovery Channels Pitchmen. This dual saw is simply amazing.


The Omni Dual Saw the one tool to cut through it all! The omni dual saw has rotating blades.

Professional Grade

Use it for framing and carpentry, metal working and plumbing.

A handyman’s must have.

The Ultimate Combination:
•Precision Engineering
•Blade Technology
•More Power
•More Precision
•More Versatility

•More Strength


Omni DualSaw’s patented counter rotating blade know-how makes it the only saw with 2 blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions: forward, backward, top and bottom! Unlike other saws, this professional grade saw’s unique know-how and dual blade design permit users to cut through virtually any material without changing blades.

Omni DualSaw’s precision engineering lets you plunge cut through virtually every material without the usual pilot hole drilling. This innovative saw’s tungsten carbide-tipped blades are hard like a diamond and wield  power to cut through wood, plastic and metal.

Counter Rotating Blade Technology:

•Professional Grade
•Only Saw With 2 Blades
•Blades Rotate In Opposite Directions
•Cuts Forward & Backward or Up & Down
•Cut Through Virtually Any Material
•No Need To Change Blades


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