Genie Bra Best Bra Ever As Seen On TV

Genie Bra As Seen On TV

The genie bra is the bra women having been wishing for.

Are you constantly struggling with your bra straps? Doesn’t it drive you crazy when they keep falling down? What about your bra underwires, do they dig into your skin and hurt? Women have been struggling for many years with their bras not fitting right and just not very comfortable.

Well genie bra changes all that. It is the comfortable bra you have ever worn.

No more unsightly back fat or uncomfortable top bulging with Genie Bra! Another great perks is that you will look younger and get lifted instantly!

The genie bra is machine washable and yes it can go into the dryer. The fabric is 96% nylon and 4% spandex. The bra comes in 3 great colors, nude, black and white. Another great features is this bras also looks great as a camisole. It gives you the camisole look without the added bulky layer.

The TV Genie Bra with a lift, that gives you shape and comfort you have always wanted! This is a very comfortable bra.



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