Easy Reach Plant Hanger Pulley System

Easy Reach

The easy reach pulley system for your plants as seen on tv. Control your hanging plant with ease directing it up and down.


Easy Reach Plant Pulley – Hanging plant goes up, plant comes down easily. This plant pulley system is great for watering plants and having your plant follow the sunlight.

rachettng pulley system locks tight

lower and raise with just a touch
holds plant securely

Easy Reach Plant Pulley is the ultimate plant pulley that makes maneuvering your hanging plants as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Easy Reach Plant Pulley lets you raise and lower plants with just a simple touch. Easy down, easy up. Keep plants healthy and great looking without the huge mess when watering.

Easy each is the ultimate plant pulley for your hanging plants, makes it a piece of cake to raise and lower them in a flash!  Easy Reach makes watering and maneuvering your plants simpler than ever before.

easy reach can hook almost anywhere in your home
also great for bird feeders and outdoor chimes
The ultimate pulley systems for your plants that extends up tp 31 inches.



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