iRenew Magnetic Balance Bracelet Seen On TV

iRenew Bracelet

iRenew Bracelet may Restore Balance, Regain Strength, Renew Energy for Life. Bring energy back gain the restorative powers of biofield technology. The I-Renew Bracelet uses break through technology.

iRenew bracelet as seen on tv product. Live life to it’s fullest.

The iRenew Energy Balancing Bracelet may help restore your balance, improve your strength and renew energy.

iRenew goes beyond what ordinary magnetic plus ionic jewelry does. It uses the most recent plus most powerful energy balancing expertise that is available today.

The BioField expertise in the iRenew Bracelet harnesses the natural frequencies that are present in our surroundings plus uses them to tune plus rebalance our biofield back to a more natural, coherent state.

Having a more balanced biofield can reduce stress, help you sleep better at night, have greater flexibility, have increased strength, plus be healthier overall. You can basically feel better all over.

The iRenew Bracelet will start working when it is worn. You may be amazed how well your body can function when the biofield is at a properly balanced level.

Watch BioField Challenge iRenew Video

Black iRenew Bracelet
White iRenew Bracelet


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