Eggies Best Way to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggies System for Boiling Eggs

Hard boiled eggs with out the fuss of peeling the shells.

eggies as seen on tv

Whether you like deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs the eggies system is for you. No more mess peeling shells. Just crack, pour, boil and twist. Another great feature of eggies is that you can add spices to the eggs before you start to boil. You can also add other ingredients like cheeses, milk, tabasco and meats. Think of the endless possible egg recipes you can create.

Perfect eggs every time.

Scramble the egg inside the eggie container add some cheese and a dash of tabasco, yum. Breakfast will never be the same.

Finally enjoy hard and soft boiled eggs without peeling a single shell.

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