Gyro Bowl Spinning Snacking Container

Gyro Bowl

The fun way to serve snacks to your kids. They can spin and spin the bowl and the stuff stays in.


Kids and adults love the gyro bowl. The 100% kid proof bowl. Make snack easier by using the gyro bowl. Less of a mess. The gyro bowl falls off the table or high chair and the snack stays in it.

Let’s face it kids spill stuff, but no parents can relax. The magic is in the middle of the gyro bowl globe.

The super snack contraption. Fill it up with raisins, cheerios, pudding and more. When done snacking put on the stay fresh lid on it.

Kid-Proof Gyro Bowl

• Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees
• Virtually Indestructible
• Saves Time, No More Cleaning
• Use it for Non-Food Items
• BPA-Free Plastic
• Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
• Not Microwave Safe

Kid-Proof Gyro Bowl • Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees • Virtually Indestructible • Saves Time, No More Cleaning • Use it for Non-Food Items • BPA-Free Plastic • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe • Not Microwave Safe


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