Salad Chef Slice and Spin Salad Maker

Salad Chef World’s Fastest Salad Maker

Salad Chef the world’s fastest salad making system.

Spin and Slicing Lids

Think of all the types of salads, soups, desserts and snacks you can make with the salad chef system.

Make chef salads, pasta salads, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, fruit salad and much more.

The salad chef as seen on tv product.

You can rinse , spin, slice, dice, cube, chop, shred, julienne and grate to make a fresh salad.  You can also prepare hundreds of meals, appetizers, soups, snacks, desserts and more.

The Salad Chef is the for sure  ultimate tool to cut, grate, dice, cube, chop or slice your favorite ingredients for your favorite green salad, fruit salad, potato salad or any other kind of salad you can imagine. Think about how impresses your guests will be. No more soggy wimp salads, just fresh greens.

What will you add to your salad? How about romaine lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else you feel like adding in. Add as many ingredients as you want because with the salad chef it is so quick and easy.

Think about how you can create a salad in lightning speed, as easy as 1, 2, 3. No putting together a salad is no longer a chore.

The salad chef can also be used as a high speed spinner, spin the food dry fast. It can go in the dishwasher, so clean up is a snap. Slicing and dicing food is no problem with the razor sharp never dull hardened stainless steel.

The salad chef does it all. After creating your awesome salad in the container snap on the cover and serve and store food.


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Eggies Best Way to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggies System for Boiling Eggs

Hard boiled eggs with out the fuss of peeling the shells.

eggies as seen on tv

Whether you like deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs the eggies system is for you. No more mess peeling shells. Just crack, pour, boil and twist. Another great feature of eggies is that you can add spices to the eggs before you start to boil. You can also add other ingredients like cheeses, milk, tabasco and meats. Think of the endless possible egg recipes you can create.

Perfect eggs every time.

Scramble the egg inside the eggie container add some cheese and a dash of tabasco, yum. Breakfast will never be the same.

Finally enjoy hard and soft boiled eggs without peeling a single shell.

This awesome tv offer egg cooking system is offered at an incredible low price! Check it out.


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Ez Moves System Furniture Sliders

Ez Moves are As Seen On TV Moving Sliders

The ez moves system is an easy way for one person to move heavy furniture or other items on smooth surfaces. Just lift, place and slide. It’s that simple.

Rearrange your furniture or moving no longer needs to be a chore. The ez moves lifting device and sliders make dusting easier too. Get to those hard to reach areas with ease. Glide your furniture and heavy equipment across just about any smooth surface. The ezmoves are also great for adjusting and leveling appliances.

Move furniture the easy way, stop struggling. Ez moves really are so simple to use, that one person can move heavy objects all by themselves.

Watch EZ-Moves In Action!

The rubber tip protects your items and the design helps to save your back, making moving stuff safer.

You can lift 10x’s your strength
The moving system works on rugs and hardwood
EZMoves are not available in stores

You get 2 moving lifters and 16 moves slides for carpet and hardwood



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Super Grill by The Sharper Image

Super Gill

With the super grill you can cook a meal in half the time.


The stainless steel super grill is 1500 watts and a 5-in-1 grill that does it all. The super grill comes with 5 jumbo interchangeable non-stick plates. The hinged cover adjusts to just about any thickness of food. Adjustable cover height with 6 temperature controls 200-450 degrees.

The SuperGrill is a waffler, griddle, panini maker and a grill all in one.

Some more great features of this grill is it has a cool touch handle, opens to a full grill and 1500 watts of heating power. Comes with removable, non-stick plates and which are dishwasher safe.

The Sharper Image Stainless Steel Super Grill is a versatile kitchen appliance that serves as a contact and open grill, panini and waffle maker as well as the griddle for your breakfast favorites. The adjustable hinged cover opens a full 360 degrees allowing for a perfect position to any thickness of food and can be used open for maximum cooking area. Cook everything from puffy pancakes to succulent steaks. Also includes 2 drip cups for excess grease and a scraper to help make cleanup a snap.

Grill burgers, steaks, chicken and more…
Make awesome panini sandwiches.
Cook breakfast, fried eggs, bacon, pancakes…

What are you waiting for? The super grill can cook your meals in half the time and cleanup is a breeze.


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Fast Brite Headlight Cleaner Showroom Shine

Fast Brite Only $10

With cleaner headlights you should see much better a night.

Use fast brite instead of replacing your head lights which can be very costly. Think how much money you will save using fast brite.

Watch Video on Fast Brite

Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and watch them return to their showroom shine in just seconds! Drive safer at night with clearer head lights. Have a much better view with shiner lights coming through.

• Quick, Easy & Convenient to Apply!
• Save Time and Money!
• Makes Driving at Night Safer!
• End Your Embarrassment!

Makes for a great gift idea!


(click for pricing) Buy 1 Fast Brite Lens Kit and Get 1 Free

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