Kymaro Rhythm Rocker Chair Body Sculpting

Rhythm Rocker – As Seen On TV Abdominal Chair

The rhythm rocker abs seat helps you to get those six pack abs you always wanted.

Seat and rock, crunch and move all around. You will love working out on the rhythm rocker, it’s fun. You will feel like you are dancing, but you will be seating down.
The Kymaro Rhythm Rocker is a wonderful rocking, abs crunching, rolling  abs workout system that can make it effortless for anyone to perform the superior entire body sculpting moves that give expert dancers their trim waists, flexible hips, and magnificent, shapely shoulders and arms!

Replace dull workouts with today’s rockin’ latin, crunchin’ hip hop, and rollin’ stomach dance moves! The kymaro rhythm rocker’s ez-grip handles allow you to generate your own level of resistance by leveraging your human body fat towards the tilting motion of the seat.

The Rhythm Rocker has been making it’s rounds. It has been seen on The View, The Doctors, The Today Show and The Talk.

Tighten and tone abs and obliques, your shoulders, arms and strengthen your lower back, all while learning some of the hottest dance moves! Replace boring workouts with today’s Rocking Latin, Crunching Hip Hop, and Rolling Belly Dance moves! Kymaro Rhythm Rockers EZ grip handles allow you to create your own level of resistance by leveraging your body weight against the tilting action of the seat. The Kymaro Rhythm Rocker seat trains you to do the moves correctly for maximum results!

The Kymaro Rhythm Rocker is lightweight, easy to put together and completely stable and safe to use. The Rhythm Rockers Exclusive Stabilizing InterAxial Technology tilts in a full 360 degrees, delivering dual-direction resistance allowing you to advance seamlessly from one core-toning move to the next. Unleash the Dancer in you and actually have FUN while working out!




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Perfect Meatloaf Air Bake Lift Pan

Perfect Meatloaf Pan As Seen On TV

Bring new life to your leftovers and create a tasty meatloaf.


Are you tired of putting all that work into making a meatloaf only to have it fall apart and it is full of grease. The Perfect Meatloaf Pan helps you to create the perfect meatloaf each and every time. Juicy, succulent, tasty meat loafs served up for dinner.

You can also use this pan to cook roasts and other foods. Be creative. More great features of the perfect meatloaf pan is that it air bakes the meat, it has a lift tray inside to help with air baking and lifting the meat up so it is not soaking in fat.

This is a great must have baking pan for your kitchen.

Perfect Meatloaf gives you a tender, juicy and the very best meatloaf every time! Just bake meatloaf, then lift and serve it is that easy! Non-stick pan that collects fat. Use to prepare any meatloaf recipe.



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Forever Lazy Fleece Adult Pajamas One Piece Wear

Forever Lazy Adult PJS 

Stay toasted warm these winter months with forever lazy. The one piece lie around, lounge around lazy wear.

forever lazy as seen on tv

Forever Lazy comes in 3 stylish colors, blue, grey and pink
Sizes to fit the whole family
Your feet and hands are free
Made from 100% anti-pill polar fleece
Zipped hatches in front and back

Lie around and stay warm this winter in your Forever Lazy Pjs Adult Pajamas One Piece Wear.

The forever lazy is a one piece full body lazy wear, slip it on and zip it up. Made of ultra soft breakable fleece. Stay comfy cozy with a draw string hood.

A practical and better alternative to the slanket and snuggie. Move around easier. You get two forever lazy’s one can be for yourself and one for a special friend.

When the cold weather hits you will wish you have a forever lazy to wear and stay nice and warm.



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Ronco Official Products – Ron Popeil Inventor

Ronco Products – Ron Popeil Inventor

Ronco products online store. Let’s go shopping at The Online Ronco Store. Perfect timing with the Holiday’s around the corner. Cook a ten pound turkey in two hours with one of the Ronco Showtime Rotisseries.

Ronco’s 25-Piece Six-Star Knife Set

These will be all the knives you’ll ever need in your home. They have been designed for the ultimate performance, quality and durability.  The six star knife set is sure to last a lifetime. Chop like a chef.

Showtime Standard Rotisserie and BBQ Oven
Creating Healthy Food has Never Been This Easy with The Showtime Rotisserie. This oven features a 3 hour automatic timer.

Showtime Compact Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

This is the original “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Ronco Showtime rotisserie Oven. The Compact Rotisserie is a delicious way for those people with limited counter space, or simply on a budget to create great tasting foods.

Showtime Professional Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

5 & 7 Tray Food Dehydrator and Beef Jerky Maker
Don’t waste food. Make great tasting snacks for your whole family easily with this food dehydrator. Make your own beef jerky.

GLH Formula System
The GLH Hair System can really give you great looking hair in a flash! Instantly thickens your fine or thin hair .

Pocket Fisherman
The pocket fisherman fits in your glove box and can attach to your belt. The great gift for a child and the serious fisherman. Spin Casting Outfit.

Electric Pasta Maker
Homemade Sausage and Fresh Pasta! Make your own fresh pasta to your own specifications. Once you make your own homemade pasta you will never want to go back to store bought pasta again.


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Slim Away Slimming Waist Belt

Slim Away Belt

Go slim to trim and instantly! Get second Slim Away as a free bonus.

Just put on the slim away and your belly is gone. It’s that easy. It instantly trims you. Looks like you lost inches immediately.

Slim Away waist belt takes inches off your waist to make you look slim right away! Slim Away works for many sizes, from size 22 to size 50. The beauty of this product is that nobody can tell you’re wearing it and it’s super comfortable. The Slim Away provides good back support, and you can even use it while you exercise to shed water weight faster!

The evapowrap fabric of the slim away seals in body heat to help you lose water weight faster. Get a nice smooth look as it helps to smooth the belly fat area. It has 5 zipper closures to adjust as you lose the weight.



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Harness Dog Collar Vest

Dog Harness

The comfy control harness is the world’s most comfortable dog harness!

The new nicer humane way to harness your dog with maximum comfort and control. The comfy control harness goes around your dog’s chest. It is flexible, light weight and is made from breathable mesh.

Why use the traditional dog collar when you can use the comfy control harness. The harness helps your dog stay to your side, instead of pulling you from the front. Walk times will become more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Pet owners love this harness. It is a great training tool and much less strenuous on your dog. The comfy harness also comes with a matching leash. The harness is a stylish vest that does not constrict breathing and it can be adjusted in just seconds.

The new dog harness seen advertised on television that combines comfort and control.


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Magic Mesh – Magnetic Patio Door Screens

Magic Mesh Screen Door Cover

The magic mesh screen door cover keeps fresh air in and bugs outdoors. It’s magic, well not really it is the 18 magnets that makes this screen door special. Walk through it with your hands full and it will close behind you. It closes by the magnets.


The magic mesh screen door instantly opens and magically snaps close with 18 strategically placed magnets. Whether you have your hands full or a very forgetful family member you can still let fresh air in and keep those flying insects out.

The magnetic screen doors fits single standard doors and sliding doors. Also great for campers and rv’s. With this offer as seen on tv you get a second one free.

The magic mesh screen door cover is a smart screen that can work on patio doors, pet doors, french doors and other openings in your home. Keep the bugs out and the air flowing through. Reduce cooling costs just by leaving your doors open.

Buy Magic Mesh

Order Magic Mesh

Instant Screen Doors




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Genie Bra Best Bra Ever As Seen On TV

Genie Bra As Seen On TV

The genie bra is the bra women having been wishing for.

Are you constantly struggling with your bra straps? Doesn’t it drive you crazy when they keep falling down? What about your bra underwires, do they dig into your skin and hurt? Women have been struggling for many years with their bras not fitting right and just not very comfortable.

Well genie bra changes all that. It is the comfortable bra you have ever worn.

No more unsightly back fat or uncomfortable top bulging with Genie Bra! Another great perks is that you will look younger and get lifted instantly!

The genie bra is machine washable and yes it can go into the dryer. The fabric is 96% nylon and 4% spandex. The bra comes in 3 great colors, nude, black and white. Another great features is this bras also looks great as a camisole. It gives you the camisole look without the added bulky layer.

The TV Genie Bra with a lift, that gives you shape and comfort you have always wanted! This is a very comfortable bra.



Check Out The Ahh Bra

Get 3 Ahh Bras in 3 different colors.

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Salad Chef Slice and Spin Salad Maker

Salad Chef World’s Fastest Salad Maker

Salad Chef the world’s fastest salad making system.

Spin and Slicing Lids

Think of all the types of salads, soups, desserts and snacks you can make with the salad chef system.

Make chef salads, pasta salads, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, fruit salad and much more.

The salad chef as seen on tv product.

You can rinse , spin, slice, dice, cube, chop, shred, julienne and grate to make a fresh salad.  You can also prepare hundreds of meals, appetizers, soups, snacks, desserts and more.

The Salad Chef is the for sure  ultimate tool to cut, grate, dice, cube, chop or slice your favorite ingredients for your favorite green salad, fruit salad, potato salad or any other kind of salad you can imagine. Think about how impresses your guests will be. No more soggy wimp salads, just fresh greens.

What will you add to your salad? How about romaine lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else you feel like adding in. Add as many ingredients as you want because with the salad chef it is so quick and easy.

Think about how you can create a salad in lightning speed, as easy as 1, 2, 3. No putting together a salad is no longer a chore.

The salad chef can also be used as a high speed spinner, spin the food dry fast. It can go in the dishwasher, so clean up is a snap. Slicing and dicing food is no problem with the razor sharp never dull hardened stainless steel.

The salad chef does it all. After creating your awesome salad in the container snap on the cover and serve and store food.


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Eggies Best Way to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggies System for Boiling Eggs

Hard boiled eggs with out the fuss of peeling the shells.

eggies as seen on tv

Whether you like deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs the eggies system is for you. No more mess peeling shells. Just crack, pour, boil and twist. Another great feature of eggies is that you can add spices to the eggs before you start to boil. You can also add other ingredients like cheeses, milk, tabasco and meats. Think of the endless possible egg recipes you can create.

Perfect eggs every time.

Scramble the egg inside the eggie container add some cheese and a dash of tabasco, yum. Breakfast will never be the same.

Finally enjoy hard and soft boiled eggs without peeling a single shell.

This awesome tv offer egg cooking system is offered at an incredible low price! Check it out.


(click for pricing)

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Ez Moves System Furniture Sliders

Ez Moves are As Seen On TV Moving Sliders

The ez moves system is an easy way for one person to move heavy furniture or other items on smooth surfaces. Just lift, place and slide. It’s that simple.

Rearrange your furniture or moving no longer needs to be a chore. The ez moves lifting device and sliders make dusting easier too. Get to those hard to reach areas with ease. Glide your furniture and heavy equipment across just about any smooth surface. The ezmoves are also great for adjusting and leveling appliances.

Move furniture the easy way, stop struggling. Ez moves really are so simple to use, that one person can move heavy objects all by themselves.

Watch EZ-Moves In Action!

The rubber tip protects your items and the design helps to save your back, making moving stuff safer.

You can lift 10x’s your strength
The moving system works on rugs and hardwood
EZMoves are not available in stores

You get 2 moving lifters and 16 moves slides for carpet and hardwood



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Super Grill by The Sharper Image

Super Gill

With the super grill you can cook a meal in half the time.


The stainless steel super grill is 1500 watts and a 5-in-1 grill that does it all. The super grill comes with 5 jumbo interchangeable non-stick plates. The hinged cover adjusts to just about any thickness of food. Adjustable cover height with 6 temperature controls 200-450 degrees.

The SuperGrill is a waffler, griddle, panini maker and a grill all in one.

Some more great features of this grill is it has a cool touch handle, opens to a full grill and 1500 watts of heating power. Comes with removable, non-stick plates and which are dishwasher safe.

The Sharper Image Stainless Steel Super Grill is a versatile kitchen appliance that serves as a contact and open grill, panini and waffle maker as well as the griddle for your breakfast favorites. The adjustable hinged cover opens a full 360 degrees allowing for a perfect position to any thickness of food and can be used open for maximum cooking area. Cook everything from puffy pancakes to succulent steaks. Also includes 2 drip cups for excess grease and a scraper to help make cleanup a snap.

Grill burgers, steaks, chicken and more…
Make awesome panini sandwiches.
Cook breakfast, fried eggs, bacon, pancakes…

What are you waiting for? The super grill can cook your meals in half the time and cleanup is a breeze.


(click for pricing)

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Fast Brite Headlight Cleaner Showroom Shine

Fast Brite Only $10

With cleaner headlights you should see much better a night.

Use fast brite instead of replacing your head lights which can be very costly. Think how much money you will save using fast brite.

Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and watch them return to their showroom shine in just seconds! Drive safer at night with clearer head lights. Have a much better view with shiner lights coming through.

• Quick, Easy & Convenient to Apply!
• Save Time and Money!
• Makes Driving at Night Safer!
• End Your Embarrassment!

Makes for a great gift idea!


(click for pricing) Buy 1 Fast Brite Lens Kit and Get 1 Free

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Easy Reach Plant Hanger Pulley System

Easy Reach

The easy reach pulley system for your plants as seen on tv. Control your hanging plant with ease directing it up and down.


Easy Reach Plant Pulley – Hanging plant goes up, plant comes down easily. This plant pulley system is great for watering plants and having your plant follow the sunlight.

rachettng pulley system locks tight

lower and raise with just a touch
holds plant securely

Easy Reach Plant Pulley is the ultimate plant pulley that makes maneuvering your hanging plants as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Easy Reach Plant Pulley lets you raise and lower plants with just a simple touch. Easy down, easy up. Keep plants healthy and great looking without the huge mess when watering.

Easy each is the ultimate plant pulley for your hanging plants, makes it a piece of cake to raise and lower them in a flash!  Easy Reach makes watering and maneuvering your plants simpler than ever before.

easy reach can hook almost anywhere in your home
also great for bird feeders and outdoor chimes
The ultimate pulley systems for your plants that extends up tp 31 inches.


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Indoor Banana Tree Plant Giant Bananas

Banana Giant Plant

It’s an indoor banana tree. Grow you own giant bananas. Think of all the delicious foods you can make with these fresh bananas. Banana shakes, banana splits, banana bread, pudding, fruit salads and so on…

Attention Gardner’s and fruit lovers

We all have been told how healthy bananas are for us. Now you can have an endless supply right in your home. Plus it will just be plain fun to watch your tree grow.

Grow dozens and dozens of plump bananas at home. The incredible banana tree. Create your own tropical paradise. These plump bananas grow to a 1/2 foot long and can weight up to 1lb.

They are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. Bananas are low in calories, have not fat, sodium or cholesterol. A great food to eat to help you to lose weight, by helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  They are also a good source of antioxidants that boosts your immune system.

Kids are going bananas over these banana plant trees!

Banana Plants

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