Harness Dog Collar Vest

Dog Harness

The comfy control harness is the world’s most comfortable dog harness!

The new nicer humane way to harness your dog with maximum comfort and control. The comfy control harness goes around your dog’s chest. It is flexible, light weight and is made from breathable mesh.

Why use the traditional dog collar when you can use the comfy control harness. The harness helps your dog stay to your side, instead of pulling you from the front. Walk times will become more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Pet owners love this harness. It is a great training tool and much less strenuous on your dog. The comfy harness also comes with a matching leash. The harness is a stylish vest that does not constrict breathing and it can be adjusted in just seconds.

The new dog harness seen advertised on television that combines comfort and control.



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