Zoomies Binocular Sunglasses You Wear

Zoomies Binoculars You Wear Like Sunglasses

Zoomies are high powered compact binoculars you wear like sunglasses. So compact they can fit in your pocket or purse. Always have them with you.

zoomies as seen on tv


They are perfect for sporting events, long walks in the woods, and even for reading small text. You will actually wondered what you did without them.

Traditional binoculars can be bulky and heavy and not that easy to always have on hand. Get up close and see objects closer and clearer. ARe you a bird watcher? If so these binocular glasses are perfect for this hobby.

Zoomies have a built in sunshade like sunglasses. They give you a 300 times magnification. Think of the distance you can see up close. You can easily adjust the focus by a turn of the dial.




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