AbDoer Twist Ab Doer Chair

The abdoer has a whole new twist to it.

Check out the abdoer twist and get those tight firm abs you have always wanted.

Twist your way into shape using The AbDoer Twist.

Millions of people from around the world experienced the original AB-DOer®, but now it’s time for a quantum leap forward– the AB DOER TWIST, the 360-degree approach to total-body fitness.

To get in great shape you have to do muscle toning and aerobic activity. With the AB DOER TWIST you do muscle toning and aerobic training at the same time – and from, a seated position.

In just minutes a day, you’ll experience a fun and exhilarating total-body workout. the core support column and contoured arm bars support you in the perfect position to achieve maximum results.

Only the AB-DOer‘s patented torsion-flex technology fires up muscles that other exercises simply can’t reach– your lower abs, upper abs, obliques, even your back.

You’re aligned, you’re stable, and you’re being supported. This lets you use your muscles much more effectively, with less stress and less strain – plus the foam roller gives you a revitalizing, therapeutic massage every time.

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