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Grassology is the  Scientific Breakthrough Grass Seed For Low-Maintenance Turf!


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With Grassology grass seed you can get green, lush grass year round that grows very slow to a dwarf height. Less mowing is needed and it grows its roots 4x deeper. The longer growth helps the roots to reach water and nutrients.

Use The Right Method For Planting Grass Seed – Grassology Grass Seed and Simple Instructions

Plant the grass seed in your lawn according to the instructions on the package. Spread the turf seed thickly and good enough to insurance great coverage without over crowding. You can use a garden rake to spread the seeds into the dirt.

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The very best time to grow grass seed is usually between very early April and very early September, nevertheless it can help to do some prep work. Preferably sometime in between March and August you should clear any unwanted growth. You can accomplish this by spraying weed kill.

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One popular kind of turf seed is the Kentucky bluegrass, this is preferred due to the fact it is a very easy turf to take care of. It grows very well in the chillier climates. Year round you will have green grass that will be envy of all your neighbors and friends. They will be amazed at how you did this and were able to have luscious green grass year round.

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