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Shamwow Reusable Cloths

ShamWow is the impressive cleaning towel sensation that’s sweeping the United States! ShamWow cleanses, dries and also brightens every area you can possibly imagine. ShamWow imitates a shammy, towel and sponge all in onel

Shamwow Towel

ShamWow and Vince Offer!

Easily gets rid of pet, soda pop as well as a bottle of wine stains
Doesn’t trickle, does not make a mess
Washes, dries out, and also polishes any sort of area
Won’t scratch any sort of surface
Device bleachable and also washable
Lasts 10 years

With ShamWOW you will conserve cash on sponges, combing pads, paper towels and so considerably a lot more! The ShamWow cloth towel saturates up to 20 times its weight in liquids, does not trickle when you’re taking it to the wash sink, and also when it dries, it stays super soft and absorbent.

German engineering developed the revolutionary ShamWow material. ShamWow will never ever damage surfaces. ShamWows are excellent for every cleaning task.

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Get a Set Free, Plus a Free Mop!

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