Indoor Banana Tree Plant Giant Bananas

Banana Giant Plant

It’s an indoor banana tree. Grow you own giant bananas. Think of all the delicious foods you can make with these fresh bananas. Banana shakes, banana splits, banana bread, pudding, fruit salads and so on…

Attention Gardner’s and fruit lovers

We all have been told how healthy bananas are for us. Now you can have an endless supply right in your home. Plus it will just be plain fun to watch your tree grow.

Grow dozens and dozens of plump bananas at home. The incredible banana tree. Create your own tropical paradise. These plump bananas grow to a 1/2 foot long and can weight up to 1lb.

They are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. Bananas are low in calories, have not fat, sodium or cholesterol. A great food to eat to help you to lose weight, by helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  They are also a good source of antioxidants that boosts your immune system.

Kids are going bananas over these banana plant trees!

Banana Plants

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