Split Ender Maxi Kit No More Split Ends

Split Ender Maxi Kit by Talavera

Split Ender

The split ender is the effortless speedy and risk-free method to get rid of split ends. The Spilt Ender cuts the end not  taking much off the length. Keep your length but get rid of those dead ends.

The Split-Ender one-of-a-kind patented hair treatment that is specially designed to direct the “hair strands” to uniformly move in and out the strand guards and securely into the cutters, guiding each and every hair in a straight movement, obliging them to stand directly. When hitting the center of the hair plate the cutters to cut the tips by 1/8″ to 1/4″, cutting completions where burned, dry, broken ends and split ends are more most likely to be found. All this while keeping and leaving the lengthy, healthy and balanced and stunning hair strands unmarred.

New Surgy-Trim System (STS) innovation carefully cuts the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split finishes starts while protecting the stunning, long, healthy hair, insuring that all the ends (with and without split ends) are trimmed, brand-new and healthy, protecting against future split ends from coming back.

Do it yourself conserve precious valuable time and money on trips to the beauty salon!
Say goodbye to split ends forever!
New Surgy Trim System Technology!
The Fastest, Safest & Easiest way ever before invented!

The New & Improved Split-Ender Maxi Kit is not readily available in stores.


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Hot Huez Fast and Easy Hair Chalk

Hot Huez Temporary Eye Popping Hair Chalk

hot huez

Coloring your hair in bright different colors is all the rave right now. Celebrities are doing it, teens and other people who want a unique look. You get four bright brillant colors, hot pink, electric blue, neon green and fiery fuchsia.

The Hot Huez is temporary eye popping brilliant hair chalk that just glides on. It is a as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just press, slide and color! That’s it. There is no mess, no sprays and no dyes. This is the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look. It is perfect for any occasion and works on hair types. If you want to change your look just apply this hair chalk. It washes off with regular shampoo and you will be all set to try a new color or hair design.


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