Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

Sticky Buddy Sticky Lint Roller Seen On TV

The Sticky Buddy is the last lint roller you will ever need.  It is reusable and never requires refills like other rollers. It is sticky and has rubber fingers to help reach deep down into your carpet.

Lint rollers are great for removing dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris from clothes, drapes, upholstery, linen and more.

With the sticky buddy you can quickly roll off lint from clothing and other surfaces with the very smooth, quiet rolling action of this unique sticky lint roller. The sticky adhesive grabs even tough to remove debris, pet hair and dust. The Lint roller is lightweight and like other lint rollers it is reusable.

After you use the sticky roller just rinse under water with mild soap and then roll dry and you are all set to start using again. Clean your whole house from top to bottom with the Sticky Buddy roller and The Jumbo Size Special Offer.

The Sticky Buddy is so hand and versatile you’ll find many uses for it throughout your house.



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The Schticky Reusable Lint Rollers Vince Offer

The Schticky Lint Rollers and Vince Offer

With The Schticky you can clean your home in a jiffy. It is more than just a lint roller. The pitchman known as the sham wow and slap chop guy is now promoting The Schticky. It is a lint roller. You get three in all with your order.

Vince Offer is back again with the all new incredible Schticky. It is an amazing reusable sticky lint roller that lets you quickly clean your home, furniture, curtains, floors  and your clothes over and over again.

They are more than just a lint roller. The big roller is great for doing floors, ceilings, stairs, in the car, windows and other areas. Great for picking up dust, dirt, pet hair, dander, food and other particles. Use it in your car. Then you can easily clean your schticky with just water and it’s ready to use again.

The sticky lint roller As Seen On TV!

Slippery when wet and sticky when dry. Great on all fabrics, works on wool to silk. Works like a vacuum and broom. Great for cobwebs, curtains and other hard to reach places.

ORDER THE SCHTICKY LINT ROLLER  – The Schticky, The Little Schticky and as an added bonus The Big Schticky for FREE!

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