Proactiv Acne Treatment

Proactiv is a fast, gentle acne treatment.

Proactiv Solution Celebrity Spokespeople

Be Proactiv Against Acne

Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Jenna Fischer, Julianne Hough and Mandy Moore have been promoting Proactiv Solution on tv. They are sending a strong messaging that personifies acne as the villain and Proactiv as the hero, encouraging consumers to Be Proactiv about their acne.

Reasons To Buy Proactiv
Medicine alone can’t beat acne. You can choose to be passive, waiting for the acne to eventually clear on its own. You can be reactive, spot-treating each zit as it appears, always playing catch-up. You can be wishy-washy, trying whatever drugstore remedy shows up on the shelf or goes on sale – only to move on to the next when you’ve been let down.

Or… you can finally get serious about your acne, doing what you really need to do to put it behind you now and stay ahead of it for good. Be resolute. Be committed. Be Proactiv.

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