Super Wave Oven Cook 3X Faster

Super Wave Oven By Sharper Image

The super wave oven cooks food healthier and 3 times faster. you can broil, bake, barbecue, steam, roasts, grills, dehydrates and fries. Think of all the foods you can cook inside this infrared oven.

Super Wave Oven by The Sharper Image is the versatile cooker that combines halogen heat, convection and infrared technology. These types of cooking methods help to keeps foods moist on the inside and browned and crispy on the outside.

Super wave oven does it all in less time & so much healthier. This machine will help you to reinvent the way you cook. It use tri-cooking technology to cook your foods from the inside and out while sealing in the juices. Imagine the nice juicy chicken, turkey or roast you can make.

The super wave cooks up to 3 times faster than a traditional oven and uses up to 80% less energy! Wow! What great benefits! Bake, Barbeque, Roast and it even fry and all so much healthier.

The super wave oven can even cook frozen food straight from the freezer! No defrosting or preheating needed! hink of the time this alone saves. ry even healthier options like broiling, grilling and steaming.  This machine uses Halogen heat, convection outside without requiring the use of added fats or oils. Plus it’s self cleaning so clean up is a breeze.


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Super Grill by The Sharper Image

Super Gill

With the super grill you can cook a meal in half the time.


The stainless steel super grill is 1500 watts and a 5-in-1 grill that does it all. The super grill comes with 5 jumbo interchangeable non-stick plates. The hinged cover adjusts to just about any thickness of food. Adjustable cover height with 6 temperature controls 200-450 degrees.

The SuperGrill is a waffler, griddle, panini maker and a grill all in one.

Some more great features of this grill is it has a cool touch handle, opens to a full grill and 1500 watts of heating power. Comes with removable, non-stick plates and which are dishwasher safe.

The Sharper Image Stainless Steel Super Grill is a versatile kitchen appliance that serves as a contact and open grill, panini and waffle maker as well as the griddle for your breakfast favorites. The adjustable hinged cover opens a full 360 degrees allowing for a perfect position to any thickness of food and can be used open for maximum cooking area. Cook everything from puffy pancakes to succulent steaks. Also includes 2 drip cups for excess grease and a scraper to help make cleanup a snap.

Grill burgers, steaks, chicken and more…
Make awesome panini sandwiches.
Cook breakfast, fried eggs, bacon, pancakes…

What are you waiting for? The super grill can cook your meals in half the time and cleanup is a breeze.


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