Omni Dual Saw Rotating Saw Blades

The Omni Dual Saw Seen On The Tv Show Pitchmen

Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan featured the omni dual saw on the first season of The Discovery Channels Pitchmen. This dual saw is simply amazing.


The Omni Dual Saw the one tool to cut through it all! The omni dual saw has rotating blades.

Professional Grade

Use it for framing and carpentry, metal working and plumbing.

A handyman’s must have.

The Ultimate Combination:
•Precision Engineering
•Blade Technology
•More Power
•More Precision
•More Versatility

•More Strength


Omni DualSaw’s patented counter rotating blade know-how makes it the only saw with 2 blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions: forward, backward, top and bottom! Unlike other saws, this professional grade saw’s unique know-how and dual blade design permit users to cut through virtually any material without changing blades.

Omni DualSaw’s precision engineering lets you plunge cut through virtually every material without the usual pilot hole drilling. This innovative saw’s tungsten carbide-tipped blades are hard like a diamond and wield  power to cut through wood, plastic and metal.

Counter Rotating Blade Technology:

•Professional Grade
•Only Saw With 2 Blades
•Blades Rotate In Opposite Directions
•Cuts Forward & Backward or Up & Down
•Cut Through Virtually Any Material
•No Need To Change Blades


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